A New Bird

Season 6 Ep 55/25/2010

This week's episode starts off with Brody and Kristin, who took their friendship to the next level last week, grabbing drinks at Happy Ending. Kristin tells Brody she's hanging out with Audrina tomorrow and adds that Audrina is more "outgoing now" and very happy with her new boyfriend, Ryan. Brody admits he wasn't sure about the couple at first, but he's come around and thinks Ryan is a good guy. Brody's main beef with the situation? Everyone is coupled off and he's single! Kristin notes she isn't dating anyone and Brody takes the opportunity to say he "may go on a date" with "a friend." Kristin is glad that they're on the same page about what's going on between them. Brody confirms that he isn't looking for a relationship.Later, at Audrina's house, Audrina tries to convince Ryan to come out with the group that night. He isn't up for dealing with the drama, but he promises to be waiting for her at home "in my candy thong. Reading 'Catcher in the Rye.'" Nice.Meanwhile, Stephanie and Lo walk around Melrose Ave. When Lo asks Stephanie what she was up to earlier in the day, Steph reveals she had an AA meeting and confides that she needs more in her life than "going to meetings and bed at 10." She feels like she's in a good place for a new boy: She's sober and distanced from the Heidi / Spencer drama. Lo says this is perfect timing because she has someone in mind: Max, one of [her boyfriend] Scott's good friends. Steph is immediately worried about acknowledging she's 23 and doesn't drink. Lo tells Steph that if that really bothers a guy he isn't good enough to date her anyway.That night Kristin and Audrina are hanging out at Kristin's house with wine and popcorn. Audrina confirms that she's happy with Ryan; they had "the talk" and put the boyfriend/girlfriend label on things. Audrina asks Kristin for a status report on her situation with Brody. Kristin says that they're "having a good time." Audrina agrees fun is great, but cautions her to be careful. She worries about the connection she sees between the exes. Whenever the two are in public, she says, it seems like they're a couple and she doesn't want Kristin to get too attached. Kristin admits they have "crazy chemistry."Kristin decides right then to call Brody, who happens to be out on a date with the new girl, McKaela. As his phone rings, McKaela tells Brody she has a "no phone at table rule." When hee promptly ignores the call, Kristin worries, saying this is the third time today his phone has gone straight to voicemail. Audrina says when that happens, guys are guilty. Kristin laments: Brody isn't usually like this.Back at Agave, Brody tells McKaela the person who called was Kristin, his ex-girlfriend. She takes a beat and then they toast over "meeting new people in L.A." He asks to know more about her, and she tells him she has lived in L.A. for six months and the biggest adjustment is trying to "find genuine friends." Brody says he could be that genuine friend, which she laughs off. They talk about her surfing. He asks to see a scar on her foot that she earned from the sport. They leave the bar shortly after.At Griffith Park Golf Course, Brody and Charlie are putting around and waxing nostalgic about how long they've known each other. Charlie inquires about the "new bird" and Brody says he told Kristin about McKaela and she got really quiet. Charlie warns him that bringing a new girl around is tough and that the other ladies in the group may "eat her alive." Brody shrugs it off, saying he isn't going to hide his new girl and that he doesn't see what's wrong with having something casual with Kristin. Charlie says that the best way to go about it is to avoid having "the talk."Elsewhere, Audrina is hanging out at Stephanie's house, where she tells her that she has finally convinced Ryan to come out with the group to Jane's House. Steph jokes that she's glad he let her come over to her house today, since Audrina has been M.I.A. Audrina agrees she's been spreading herself thin between her boyfriend and her friends, and that's exactly why she needs tonight to go well. Stephanie tells Audrina about Max, the guy Lo and Scott have offered to set her up with. She explains that he has a car and a job, but worries that the timing might not be right.Later, Brody walks into Jane's House with McKaela, whom he promptly introduces to Ryan and Audrina. Stephanie and Lo get a less formal introduction, and Stephanie wonders what's going on between her and Brody. Audrina warns Brody that Kristin is going to "freak out" when she shows up. Immediately after this exchange, Kristin and Stacie walk in and greet the group. Brody asks why Kristin didn't come over and hug him, but she counters that he was just too far away. He then introduces her to McKaela, and chastises Kristin when he feels she was less than genuine in her handshake with McKaela.Feeling the awkward situation, Stacie asks Kristin if she is okay with what is happening, and Kristin gives a half answer about how Brody and McKaela are holding hands. Ryan comments that Brody is just "loving life right now."Kristin joins Lo, Stephanie and Audrina and they ask how she's holding up. She admits she was starting to fall for Brody again, but she'd rather know where she stands now than three months down the line when she'd be really head-over-heels. Brody apologies to McKaela that the girls aren't including her in their gabfest, and suggests they leave. On the way out, he calls the ladies out for not giving his new girl more attention. Kristin grows frustrated, wondering what he wanted her to do -- sit with the girl and "hold her hand?" They bail, and Kristin is left confused.The next day, Kristin and Stacie are walking around town when Kristin declares that she still can't believe that Brody's behavior at Jane's House. Stacie says it seems like he brought McKaela just to "flaunt her" in front of Kristin.Later that night, Lo is helping Stephanie pick out an outfit for their double date. Scott and Max show up soon after and take the girls to the W Hotel in Westwood. Everyone orders a drink but Stephanie who orders a coke. Contrary to Stephanie's fears, no one mentions her choice of beverage. After some small talk, Lo heads to the bathroom and Stephanie joins her. Stephanie says that he's cute and she's into it, but just worries about how young he is. Lo tells her not to worry about the age thing and to go for it because age aside, he is far beyond any of the guys she has dated in the past. They all leave shortly after, and Max asks for Stephanie's number outside to call her later for a date without "team Scott and Lo."Over at Brody's condo, Kristin knocks on the door to discuss the awkwardness at Jane's House. Kristin explains she's upset that Brody flaunted McKaela in front of her, and Brody says it sucks that she didn't try harder to warm up to his new gal. Brody also takes the time to remind Kristin that they'd agreed to keep their situation casual. Kristin agrees, but explains that given their sensitive histories, she wouldn't have brought another guy she was dating around in front of him. Brody doesn't get the problem, saying he and Kristin are just friends and McKaela isn't his girlfriend. Frustrated with his lack of understanding, Kristin gets up and leaves.