Season 2 Ep 22/23/2010

Nikkole is a cheerleader from Monroe, Michigan who loves to play pranks with her friends. This fun loving girl gets a shock of a life time when she finds out she's pregnant with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Josh. If life isn't hard enough being 16 and pregnant, Josh makes a bad situation worse by breaking up with Nikkole when she decides to keep their child.Josh has a new girlfriend but Nikkole thankfully has the support of her mom, Rikki, to help her through the pregnancy. Josh is expelled so she doesn't have to see him in school but that doesn't stop Nikkole from thinking about him so she agrees to meet Josh after school to talk. Josh cheated on Nikkole and treated her terribly but she takes him back when he apologizes because she's still in love with him.Nikkole's mom and friends are unhappy with her decision to get back together with Josh. They don't think he's good for her or that he'll change but Josh starts to make an effort.Since Josh is back in Nikkole's life she starts to put him before her friends and they're not pleased. They accuse her of only caring about Josh but she wants to prove them wrong for the upcoming homecoming dance. Due to his expulsion, Josh isn't allowed to attend and therefore doesn't want Nikkole to attend either. Nikkole and Josh come to a compromise that she'll go to the dance with her friends for an hour and then hang out with Josh.In the midst of the fun and dancing at homecoming, Nikkole leaves to keep her promise to Josh. The only problem is that he's not outside waiting for her and when she tries to call him he hangs up on her. Josh ditches Nikkole and when she confronts him about it he accuses her of being selfish. With her due date approaching, Nikkole starts to focus on her pregnancy rather than her relationship drama and makes the decision to have an induced labor.Nikkole is surrounded by her support team -- Rikki, Josh, and Josh's Mom, Jen -- when she is induced into labor. As her labor progresses, tensions rise and Rikki and Josh start fighting. Josh threatens to leave, changes his mind, and stays through the labor. Nikkole and Josh are both in tears when they meet their son Lyle Thomas, born on November 5, 2009 at weight 8 lbs. and 11oz.Rikki and Josh spent most of their time fighting at the hospital and Rikki is sick of his behavior. Josh is no longer allowed at Rikki's house so Nikkole has to go home with baby Lyle without Josh. Nikkole tries to resolve the drama between Rikki and Josh and plans a lunch for the three of them to sit down and talk.Nothing is accomplished at lunch except more fighting and tears. It's a constant power struggle between Rikki and Josh and neither will back down. Nikkole wants to figure out her relationship on her own without her mom's influence but she is once again let down by Josh when she finds out he's been seeing his ex-girlfriend. Josh can't make a commitment to Nikkole and even though she tells him she won't be around forever Nikkole still has hope for their future life together as a family.