No Place Like Home

Season 3 Ep 275/5/2008

After several fights with Spencer, it looks like Heidi's ready to start the ball rolling on the rest of her life. When she meets with Brent Bolthouse at work, she tells her boss that she's ready for more responsibility. Now that she has more free time on her hands, she wants to dive in head first -- and if that means traveling or re-locating, so be it.The timing couldn't be better for Brent, who's looking to expand the Hyde brand into other markets. Heidi's going to have to be more actively involved in his projects if she wants to be a part of the movin' and shakin' at Bolthouse... starting with the casino in Las Vegas.Over at Lauren, Audrina and Lo's new pad, Lauren and Lo are spending time sunning at the pool. But where's Audrina? Lauren says she was afraid to wake her roomie up, so opted to let her come out on her own. As the two talk about shopping plans, Audrina emerges from her chateau in back. She's headed to the studio for work, where she's going to check out Alkaline Trio.The band's recording an album, and she and Chiara are going to make sure everything's squared away. She asks if Lauren and Lo want to stop by and check out the scene, but Lo doesn't seem enthused. Lauren suggests Audrina text her the address. And, if they can't meet up there, she wants the three to meet for dinner -- they haven't fully celebrated the new living situation yet.Back at Bolthouse, Heidi tells her friend Kimberly that Brent wants her to step up as a project manager. Between opening new hotels and jet-setting to Vegas, Heidi's sold on the glamour of her new spot. She starts in a few days, and is excited to leave LA and clear her head.At Pulse Studios, Audrina and Chiara listen in on Alkaline Trio's recording session. When Lauren and Lo arrive, Audrina's glad the pair made it. But, after only hanging for a couple of minutes, the two head out for food... leaving Audrina in the studio. So much for a roommate dinner out. Although Lauren wishes Audrina could have come, her roomie has to stay behind for work.Dining at Luckyfish, Lauren and Lo wonder whether or not Audrina's upset. She feels badly that they left, but Lo says she didn't feel "cool enough" to hang out in the studio. Lauren wants to get Audrina a present for her living space, but hopes that Audrina doesn't stay secluded. While Lo and Lauren have shared their lives since the third grade, Lauren's been having a hard time getting Audrina to open up since the move.On a visit to Heidi's, Stephanie tells her friend that Spencer's going to get the boot. Her place is a mess, and she wants her brother out. As the two talk about moving, Heidi drops the bomb that she's going to be heading to Las Vegas for work for a while. Heidi says there's nothing holding her back -- if Spencer's going to move on, she needs to. While Stephanie says Spence doesn't want to date anyone else, Heidi's not so sure... and she doesn't want his sister spreading the gossip on her new job opportunity -- it isn't any of his business.Back at home, Lo and Lauren play with their brand new puppy, Chloe, from the shelter. When Audrina comes in, the two start to giggle -- the puppy is a surprise. As they all dote on the dog, Audrina asks where the puppy's going to stay. Lo suggests one of their rooms, and makes mention of Chloe having two mommies, leaving Audrina out. Taking her cue, Audrina heads back to her living quarters.As Spencer sits on the couch, Stephanie complains about her brother's lack of cleanliness. Sick of his behavior, Stephanie says she's tired of his controlling ways. She wants him out... now. Spencer calls his sister pathetic for hanging out with Lauren, and says he'll be gone by the end of the day.Hanging out with Justin Bobby at home, Audrina feels out of place in her own kitchen. As she makes the boy some breakfast, she explains that Lauren and Lo have been a little awkward lately. Justin sympathizes, asking why she wants to stay in a place where she feels weird vibe. Audrina explains that she chose the place in the back -- she's a more private person, anyway. But, she doesn't want to feel weird around her friends. Every time she makes an effort with Lo, she gets denied. When Justin says she should look for her own space, Audrina starts to think it might be a good idea.Ready for the next step in her career, Heidi arrives at the SBE private jet with Sam and Brent. Now that she has more time, the three are headed to Vegas. Sam asks how Spencer's going to react when he hears Heidi's headed to Sin City. Although Heidi doesn't think he'll care, Sam is pretty sure Spence is going to lose his mind.Kicked out of Stephanie's, Spencer makes his way to Heidi's apartment. When he opens the door to an empty apartment, he realizes something's wrong. Did Spencer miss his chance at 'Operation Win Back Heidi'?

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