Old Habits Die Hard

Season 5 Ep 1410/20/2009

Kristin and Lo are at a restaurant catching up when Kristin announces that she's going home to Laguna Beach for the weekend. She tells Lo she wants to visit her dad and step-mom and clear her head. Lo agrees that's a good idea then asks Kristin what happened after she left Brody's surprise party. When Kristin fills her in and explains that Justin Bobby was a no show, Lo reminds her friend that she warned her about the bad boy. But, Kristin insists she sees a good guy underneath his rough exterior. She tells Lo that, unlike Audrina, she's going to make Justin work for her.Meanwhile, Stephanie asks for the dirt on Derek when she drops by Audrina's house for a visit. Audrina tells Stephanie that Derek is the total opposite of Justin, sharing how insecure she felt in her former relationship. After Stephanie says Justin's head games made Audrina feel that way, Audrina admits that Justin is still texting her. She tells Stephanie that Justin needs to move on, because she has.Kristin arrives at her parents' house in Laguna and is greeted by her dad in the kitchen. When her step-mom gets home from yoga the trio goes outside to have wine and cheese, while Kristin catches them up on her life in L.A. Kristin tells her dad she's been seeing a lot of Brody who has "grown up a lot" in the four-and-a-half years since they split. She also talks about her complicated-yet-casual relationship with Justin Bobby. After describing Justin's flaky nature and his Audrina baggage, Kristin declares him "not someone you would take home to dad."Back in L.A., Spencer, Heidi and Stephanie arrive at a Bolthouse Photo Exhibit party. Holly is noticeably drunk and immediately offers her family and friends shots. After a convoluted conversation with Brent Bolthouse, several more drinks and some frenzied dancing, Stephanie and Heidi intervene. They tell Holly she should stop drinking, but Holly refuses and continues dancing in the middle of the low-key room while everyone looks on.Heidi and Stephanie meet up the next day to talk about Holly's behavior at the Bolthouse event. Stephanie insists Holly was out of control and needs help, but Heidi thinks her sister just had too much to drink. Stephanie won't back down and tells Heidi that every time she goes out with Holly, someone asks her to leave because she's out of control. Heidi says she's hesitant to talk to her older sister about her drinking, so Stephanie suggests she bring Spencer.Over at Kristin's house in Malibu, Justin is cooking Kristin dinner to apologize for blowing off Brody's party. "You get one meal to say you're sorry," Kristin tells him as she watches him work.At a bar in Hollywood, Audrina is having another date with Derek. They get on the subject of Justin when Derek mentions he texted his friend and explained that he and Audrina have been hanging out. When Derek asks Audrina if she's over Justin, she says yes with a shrug. Derek pushes the issue, adding that four years is too long of a time to spend with someone to just cut it off.Back at Kristin's, she and Justin are finishing up their al fresco meal. Justin tells Kristin that she's the first person he's cooked dinner for. When Justin mentions he might tell his mom he cooked dinner for her, Kristin admits she told her dad about him. Justin says that's a big deal "telling papa." Kristin quickly explains that she doesn't want a boyfriend or anything. As they discuss their relationship, Justin tells her she's a wildcard, but that's a good thing. The couple ditches the dirty dishes and disappears into Kristin's house for the night.When Heidi and Spencer meet for lunch with Holly to share their concerns about her drinking, Holly orders a margarita as soon she sits down. Heidi tells her sister that her excessive drinking scares her, and Spencer follows up Heidi's efforts by telling Holly that she can't afford to look unprofessional in front of people she could be trying to do business with in the future. Holly agrees it's time to put drinking on the shelf and concentrate on her career.Meanwhile, Kristin stops by Brody's condo. When Kristin asks if Jayde knows she's there, Brody assures her that Jayde is aware he and Kristin are good friends despite their past relationship. Their conversation shifts gears when Kristin tells Brody that Justin showed up at her house and cooked for her. Brody cautions that Audrina will be after her, but Kristin defends her actions, saying she tried to talk to Audrina before going after Justin. When Brody hints that hooking up with Justin might be her way of spiting Audrina, Kristin denies it. "I really did not think that I would end up liking him," Kristin adds. Brody raises his eyebrows but tells Kristin he believes her.Later, Justin meets with Audrina at a Beverly Hills hotel lounge to talk. Audrina says she wants to break the ice between them so things aren't uncomfortable when they run into each other. As Audrina admits it was hard to see him and Kristin together, Justin says it felt weird having someone new on the back of his motorcycle, adding that he didn't do anything with Kristin to get back at Audrina. Justin brings up how bothered he is by Audrina seeing Derek. When Audrina brings up Kristin as her defense, Justin says though they've hung out and he cooked for her, he and Kristin are not together. "A big part of me will always have feelings for you and always be that guy towards you," he tells Audrina. Justin adds that he would never be able to say that anything was better than Audrina. With this revelation, Audrina promises not to talk to Derek anymore, but Justin tells Audrina not to let him stop her.

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