Season 9 Ep 92711/1/2008

Meet Cody, he's a fast food mama's boy who is known as a sissy, but he's sick of all the teasing. Now Cody wants to prove that he's tough as nails by being MADE into a brawny bodybuilder. Can Cody survive the brutal workouts? Will he stay off the junk food and stay on the diet? Will he have the courage to flex in a Speedo or will the competition laugh him off stage?Cody likes to spend his time eating what he thinks is the finest cuisine, Taco Bell and enjoys hanging out with his girl friends. He doesn't want to be called a sissy and wants to show that he can be tough, which is why he wants to become a bodybuilder.In the morning he receives a box and inside is a note with a Speedo. He heads to Alabama to meet with his new MADE coach Pump. Pump was Mr. USA 2007 and one of the top body builders in the country. The journey isn't going to be easy for him and in eight weeks he's going to be on stage posing in tight trunks.Cody gets the talk with Pump. He asks him if he has ever worked out before and why he wants to become a bodybuilder. Cody has to do an hour a day of weights, two cardio sessions, and also eat five meals of lean protein, that means he must leave fried food, candy, cakes, and Taco Bell behind. Afterwards, Pump wanted Cody to check out a body building competition.The next day, Cody was ready to take it easy, but Pump came over to his house to check what kind of food he is eating. Pump was shocked that he found a bag of sugar in the fridge and decides to take him to the supermarket to find him some healthy foods to eat. Pump taught him to cook and also made him eat baby food.For the next few days, Pump tormented Cody into do an intense non-stop workout and after a week of strenuous exercise and lifting at the gym, Pump had some news for him. Cody will go to Venice Beach, CA to compete in the Muscle Beach Championship in the amateur division.It's day eleven and Cody gets a vacation to Daytona Beach in Florida. He later finds out that he's not there for the sun and fun but there to workout. He meets another bodybuilder called Ava and she helps him workout and practice holding poses.After Cody's vacation in Florida, it was final time to return to Tennessee and go back to school. While in school, Cody is ambushed by Pump, and he gets fed up. Cody gets a pep talk and he is now trying to fight his way through all the diet and exercise."When the going get's tough Cody gets going."- PumpThe last thing Cody needs to do is become waxed, then it's off to Los Angeles. The first stop Pump brought him to in LA was Weider offices built by the father of body building Joe Weider. This was the center of the body building world. After getting a tour of the building they headed over to Gold's Gym Venice, which was the Mecca for bodybuilders. He met former Mr. America and Mr. World, Bill Grant.On the day of the competition Cody was nervous, but he went out there and stole the show. As he went on stage to hold his poses his family and friends were there to cheer him on. All the hard work and healthy eating habits had finally paid off. Not only did he win third place in the competition, he lost an overall weight of 20 pounds and truly felt confident and full of self-esteem.