Diving In

Season 12 Ep 138/14/2006

Diem admits to having a crush on Derrick, but she tries to ignore it because she needs to keep her head in the game. Tina is feeling sick, but Kenny tells her that the mission won't wait for her. And it won't--the message comes that they need to be ready by 5am.The next morning, they are informed of their challenge--Deep Blue. Four nautical miles off the coast of Australia, the teams have to dive 30 feet into the ocean to capture their team flag and hold their breath for as long as possible. The teams are getting nervous and Wes even tells Casey he doesn't mind if she is terrified and they are disqualified.Theo doesn't feel as if he has anything to worry about because he has made an alliance with Derrick, but Chanda is of the opinion that nothing short of first place will keep them out of Exile.Tina and Kenny can only make it for a few seconds before heading to the surface. Darrell bails on Aviv, but Aviv is able to capture the flag. Theo and Chanda do well by floating to the top where there's more oxygen in the water. But nobody is able to beat the new "dream team" of Derrick and Diem, who must now decide who to send into Exile. Though Derrick has aligned with Theo, Diem wants to put Theo and Chanda into Exile since they came in second place and could eventually beat Derrick and Diem. Derrick tries to convince Diem to put in Tina and Kenny, but in the end, Derrick allows Diem to choose and Diem chooses Theo and Chanda. After the vote, Darrell and Aviv are placed in Exile as well. This hurts Derrick since Darrell and Theo were his best friends in the competition.Derrick is feeling terrible about the decision, but Wes tells him that he shouldn't because there have been "shadier" things happening. Later that evening, to Wes's excitement, Derrick decides to align with Wes. Wes has been angling to become allies with the strongest team, to no avail--until now.Diem finds herself getting closer and closer to Derrick. She isn't sure what their relationship is, but she's happy to be in it.