Stress And The City

Season 3 Ep 1210/29/07

After weeks of hard work, Whitney thinks she's finally found the perfect place for Teen Vogue to host the Young Hollywood party. And, after Whitney gives editor Lisa Love a tour of an old church, her boss is clearly impressed.Later, when Whitney and Lauren are called into Lisa's office, they learn they're being sent to New York City to present the Young Hollywood party plans to the magazine's editor in chief, Amy Astley. The Hills girls are excited to be going together -- especially Whitney, who didn't want to give the presentation by herself. But forget about the presentation, what are they going to wear?! While Lauren already has the perfect dress in mind, Whitney needs to find something ASAP.At Bolthouse, Spencer runs into Brody's new main man, Frankie. Picking up a paycheck, Frankie calls Spencer out for not returning Brody's birthday call, and Spencer says it's just plain wrong for Brody to be hanging out with his enemy, Lauren. Frankie counters Spencer's argument by saying they're all adults and should hang out with whoever they want ? and suggests that Brody's birthday call was an attempt at reconciliation. The ball's in Spencer's court, but Spencer says he's ready to move forward.After touching down in NYC, Lauren and Whitney make their way to the Teen Vogue headquarters. Waiting in the lobby all dolled up, the two joke that they look like Barbie dolls, and Whitney admits she's nervous because she didn't practice her presentation. Ushered into Amy Astley's office, the girls learn that Lauren's going to work with Marc Jacobs for the day, leaving Whitney flying solo at the Young Hollywood meeting.At Marc Jacobs' design studio, Lauren meets with Kate Waters, VP of communications, amongst a sea of models prepping for a casting call. The big fashion show is coming up, so Kate is happy that Lauren will be helping out. Lauren's tasked with styling the models before sending them to the casting director.Back at Teen Vogue, Whitney has her big presentation. While going over the location details, Whitney's thrown off guard by Amy Astley's questions. Amy and her staff don't seem very impressed, and Amy tells Whitney to go back and make a bunch of changes.Over at the design studio, Lauren works hard at dressing the models. Exhausted, she takes a seat as Marc Jacobs rolls into the room and introduces himself. After a hand shake, she nervously tells him she's alphabetizing.After a big day in NYC, Whitney and Lauren pack their bags and get ready to head back to The Hills. Lauren's still swooning from meeting Marc Jacobs and says she's going to give Lisa Love a hug as soon as she gets home. Although she had fun with Whitney, Lauren admits that she misses Brody.At Spencer and Heidi's apartment, Spencer gives Brody an unexpected phone call. Leaving a voicemail message, he says that he has a few things he'd like to talk over with his former BFF.Home from NYC, Whitney and Lauren arrive at Patina for a food tasting with Lisa Love. While the group waits for the food to arrive, Lisa tells Whitney that the presentation went very well and Amy Astley's excited for the upcoming party. Although Lisa's happy with Whitney's performance, she takes a stab at Whitney's choice of clothes for the NYC meeting, saying her outfit was "very dressy" and joking that she now expects Whitney to dress up every day. As the food arrives, they toast the upcoming Young Hollywood party.That night, Brody stops by Lauren's apartment. As she gives him a big hug, he immediately takes notice of all the lit candles, asking if she's trying to set a mood. After Lauren quickly runs through her trip to NYC, Brody reveals he received an unexpected call from Spencer. His former BFF has finally reached out, but Brody hasn't called him back yet. Although he loves Spencer, Brody doesn't think the two can be friends again. When Lauren says she doesn't want to come between the former best buds, Brody insists he made this decision on his own. Wanting to change the subject, Brody tells Lauren to move closer and give him a hug. As they snuggle up, Lauren says she knew the candles would work.

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