New City, New Drama

Season 1 Ep 15/31/2006

Lauren makes her way to Los Angeles and meets her friend and roommate, Heidi, at their new apartment. Just as Lauren is about to explore her new home, Teen Vogue calls, changing her interview time from 5 that afternoon to whenever she can get to their offices. Lauren heads out and interviews with West Coast Editor Lisa Love for the internship position.After the interview, Lauren goes back to her apartment, where Heidi introduces her to a new friend, Audrina. Later that evening, the three--along with Lauren's friend David, Heidi's boyfriend Jordan, and Jordan's roommate Brian--head to Geisha House for sushi.The next day, Lauren and Heidi head to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and meet with school administration. While is Lauren called "a together gal," Heidi is asked if she is in the right school. Back at the apartment, Teen Vogue editor Blaine calls Lauren to offer her the internship.On her first day at Teen Vogue, Lauren meets Whitney, another intern. Lisa Love talks to both girls about what is expected of them during the internship. Their first task is to address envelopes for an event celebrating the magazine's just-released Hollywood issue.Lauren explains her internship and the upcoming party to Heidi that evening. Heidi asks Lauren if she can sneak her and her friends in, but Lauren doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize her internship. The next day at work, Lisa lets Lauren and Whitney know that they will be working at the party this weekend and sets down the rules-- you are there to work, not party.On the night of the event, Blaine explains to Lauren that she will be reserving a section of seats for celebrities. As soon as he leaves, Lauren receives a call from Heidi. She is waiting outside with Audrina, Jordan, and Brian and asks Lauren to sneak them into the party. Though Lauren tells them no, they insist. Lauren asks Whitney if she can let her friends in and Whitney does. As soon as they are in, Brian immediately sits down in the section that Lauren is supposed to be reserving. Heidi and Jordan begin fighting and Blaine comes to ask Lauren about the "drama at the door." To make matters worse, Lauren's friends are all seated in the reserved section when Lisa Love passes by. Lisa reminds Lauren that no one is supposed to be sitting there and tells Lauren that they will "discuss this on Monday."