Run's Big House

Season 6 Ep 26/22/2009

The news of JoJo's run-in with the law has the House that Rap built rocked to its core. It's a time for the family to all be together -- which is why Vanessa and Angela have flown in from L.A. to be there for their family. One of Rev and Justine's main concerns is for Diggy and Russy, who look up to JoJo as a mentor. They both feel it's important that JoJo talk to his brothers and explain his actions. Rev is also miffed at JoJo for not thinking and being selfish, because what he did not only affected him, it affected the entire family. After Rev preaches to JoJo about the consequences of his actions, JoJo takes responsibility and mans up to his mistake. He knows he has to face his younger brothers and explain to them what he did. It's a poignant conversation where JoJo warns his little brothers about high school and peer pressure. In the end, the family rallies around JoJo as Rev teaches them all to rebound from this and be stronger than ever.