Where the Red Team Blows

Season 20 Ep 611/10/2010

While the Red Team eagerly awaits Chet's return to the house, whipping boy Brandon confides in Luke that he thinks he won't have to go back into the Gulag. For Johnny and Derrick, the only two guys left on the Blue Team, they know that the time's coming when they'll have to face off and prove themselves as the tough veterans they appear to be. When Chet returns to the house, it's nothing but smiles and hugs, that is until TJ stops by and tells Chet that he has to leave, apparently Challengers aren't designed for people with severe concussions.With a player unjustly lost and on a losing streak, the Red Team goes into the Sky Hook challenge nervous. When Grey chooses them to go first, the Red Team throws Brandon to the lions as they nominate the rookie to lead the team on a challenge they have no strategy for. When the Red Team fails at the Sky Hook challenge, it's up to the skinny Blue Team to set the bar. Derrick puts himself in the shooting position and sets the bar high with four made balls. But leave it to Grey Team to one up them; when Abram swings up to the hoop, he sinks five balls giving his team their second straight victory.At deliberations, it's no surprise to the team, but very much a surprise to Brandon when his name gets called out. Brad tells him he was in a high risk, high reward position and he just so happened to fall on the short end of the deal. When the teams go down into the dungeon the Red Team's disunity is apparent when everyone on the team gets votes with the exception of Tori and Tyler. The Blue Team is a different story though, the rookie Emily and veteran Derrick step up and volunteer themselves, making the Blue Team's votes unanimous and giving TJ another reason to scold the Red Team when they haphazardly throw in Melinda and Brandon.That night, the challengers get to go to a local bar, with the liquor flowing and everyone having a good time someone needs to stir the drama pot and who better than the newly safe from the Gulag Camila. When Camila tells Brad that she voted for him to go into the Gulag, Brad is not too happy, and neither is the Mrs. When Tori gets wind of the situation she puts an old school style hit on Camila, promising that she will go into the Gulag every single time. When the challengers get back to the house, Camila tries to explain herself to her team and appeal to Paula, but the damage is done and a permanent wedge has been driven in between the floundering Red Team and their one competent player.At the Gulag, the contestants find out they will be competing in Handcuffs. The girls are up first and when Melinda goes up against the Emily beast it's a clear and decisive victory for Blue. Next up are the boys, and with Brandon already having won Handcuffs and Derrick being Derrick the teams know they're in for a good show. Brandon puts up a good fight, but he's no match for the ball of muscle that is Diesel and Derrick sends the Gulag Champion home with hugs all around.