Hip Hop Dancer

Season 9 Ep 189/13/2008

Marie may seem comfortable behind her stack of books, but this 16-year-old is ready to come out of her shell and gain confidence by being MADE into a hip hop dancer.This serious student is ranked 8th in her class and is always focused on her future. The only songs Marie has on her I-Pod are usually of the folk and rock persuasion. When a Japanese exchange student by the name of Kiriko comes into her life and introduces Marie to the world of hip hop. Now, Marie can't get enough of America's Best Dance Crew and wants to learn how to get funky.There's only one thing that's holding Marie back and that's her fear of being vulnerable to others. But that's where Coach Sam steps in- to show Marie how to be confident and able to express herself through dance. Marie is able to check out Sam's skills when he pulls her out of her Japanese language class so he can give a mini performance with his Xtreme Dance Force crew. Sam pulls Marie in so she can strut her stuff, but Marie is unable to feel the beat while being watch by her classmates.Sam takes Marie to the side to talk about her hip hop dreams. Maries believes that by becoming a hip hop dancer she'll learn how to open up to others and take risks, instead of hiding behind her studies. Sam agrees to take her on as a student but under one condition- she has one week to put together a dance crew that will go with her to perform in a hip hop competition.Marie gets into the studio with Sam that weekend and Sam gets down to business by telling her to put on her "hip hop thinking cap." After a tough workout, Sam is quick to remind her that she has less than a week to get at least 30 people to audition for her dance crew.In school, Marie posts a few fliers about her auditions but fails to go above and beyond. This just won't do for Sam, who sets Marie up in front of a camera so she can record a TV announcement about the auditions to be aired around her entire school. Marie pulls through and gets a huge turnout for the audition. Of course, the hardest part is actually teaching all of the other kids a dance combination that she learned from J.C. and Alvin of America's Best Dance Crew.When auditions are over, Sam hits Marie with some bad news. The competition has been moved back to the end of summer, meaning that her friend Kiriko won't be able to be apart of her crew. Marie doesn't know what she'll do without having her hip hop inspiration at her side, but still makes the final cut to the crew leaving Kiriko out on the sidelines.The final crew of Ashley, Rachel, Ariel, Kailee and Marie become KARMA Kru and hit the studio to get ready for the competition. Sam is tough on Marie when she doesn't know how to lead the group and Marie gets frustrated with being the weakest dancer in the crew. With time running out, Sam decides to send Marie to Los Angeles to get a taste of the life of a hip hop professional dancer.Marie met with choreographer Andye at the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio to get in touch with her "ghetto girly side" before sharpening her skills at the Millenium Dancer Center with Shane Sparks. Marie is even more blown away when she gets to meet the crews of America's Best Dance Crew and even shows off her moonwalk while getting tips about her performance.Before going back to Indiana, Andye gives Marie a full L.A. makeover that wows the girls of KARMA Kru and Coach Sam. But with no time to talk about the trip, Marie and the crew put on their new lime green dancing shoes and get to work.Finally, Marie flies to Chicago for the hip hop competition and finds herself getting intimidated by the acts that are ahead of her. KARMA Kru gets on stage and blows away the crowd. Marie is overwhelmed with how much the crowd loved the performance, but it's all up to the judges. Soon, the announcer steps up to proclaim KARMA Kru as the second place winner of the hip hop competition.Marie is shocked and celebrates with the crew and Sam. She's proud of how far she's come and truly feels like she's been MADE into a rough and tough hip hop dancer.

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