The Good, the Brad, and the Ugly

Season 11 Ep 143/6/2006

Alton and Jodi seem to be getting rather close these days, and their teammates hope it does not affect the team in any way. On this guy Gauntlet day, no guy is worried because they are all fired up to win. At the challenge, each team must get themselves out of a deep pit, using the tools at hand.During the Rookies' turn, team members' just fly out of the pit. In a last ditch effort to free their last team member in the pit, Landon, Alton dangles himself as a human ladder. It pays off and the Rookies walk away with another victory.At the deliberation, the Veterans vote Brad into the Gauntlet. The wheel lands on "Captain's Choice." Derrick chooses Name That Coconut. Derrick and Brad battle tooth and nail. In the end, Derrick wins. The little bulldog stays captain. Later that night, Alton breaks it to Jodi that she is a 'transition' girl, but he thinks they could be great friends after the challenge is over.