Back To New York

Season 4 Ep 1411/10/2008

At People's Revolution, Lauren and Whitney are summoned by Kelly Cutrone to fly to New York City to help with a men's fashion show. But Whitney seems less fazed by the fact that her workload has tripled and more concerned that Alex -- who she went out with the last time she was in NYC -- is one of the models she will be working with.As soon as Lauren and Whitney arrive in New York City, they get to work dressing the models. When Whitney and Alex see each other, Alex wants to see her later that night, but Whitney seems distracted by the other guys in the room.Meanwhile, back in The Hills, Heidi is trying to recover from being fired from Bolthouse because of her "little" drunken mistake. Unfortunately, Spencer isn't much help. While Heidi insists she has to try to fix things with Brent, Spencer tries to convince her that partying is a better option. Eventually, Heidi agrees to go out with him to celebrate having some free time to spend together.In NYC, things get hectic for Whitney when all the male models are in hair and makeup. When Whitney and Alex go to talk to Kelly Cutrone, the People's Revolution owner warns Alex that a lot of guys have hit on Whitney that day. Her point is proven when a group of guys invite Lauren and Whitney to a party, and the girls agree to go.Whitney admits she's excited to go out and met some fresh faces. When Lauren asks her about Alex, Whitney says he seems too nervous. When the girls walk into the party, a band is playing, and Whitney immediately sets her sights on the lead singer, Jay. She barely looks away when Alex invites her to sit with him, and uses Lauren as an excuse for why she can't leave.In The Hills, Heidi and Spencer head out for a night on the town, but the carefree mood is quickly ruined when they spot Brent Bolthouse. Set on talking to Heidi's former boss, Spencer ignores Heidi's pleas for him to avoid a confrontation. Clearly, Spencer's overconfidence won't let him just sit back.When Spencer heads over for a man-to-man chat, Brent puts him in his place by saying there's always problems when Spencer comes around. Brent wraps up the conversation by telling Spencer that he's bad news and bringing Heidi down.Back in New York City, Lauren tries to convince Whitney to talk to her new crush Jay. Whitney is nervous at first, but after ordering a shot of tequila, she loosens up enough to talk to the hot Aussie. Meanwhile, Alex watches them flirt, looking annoyed and hurt. Jay asks Whitney to go out with him later that night, and she decides to go for it.At the same time, after Spencer's encounter with Brent Bolthouse, Heidi feels the need to apologize for Spencer's behavior. But as soon as she opens her mouth, Brent calls Spencer "a nightmare" and says he's a bad influence over her. Heidi ignores Brent's insistence that she needs to drop Spencer, and asks him to keep her in mind for any upcoming openings at Bolthouse. Surprised by her request, Brent says he'll keep her in mind ... but he doesn't seem too sold on the idea.On the flipside, Alex is pining over Whitney from afar, but she's far more interested in Jay. Finally, Alex decides to make a move, asking Whitney to meet him at the bar to talk. But Jay has other plans in mind. He convinces Whitney to stay away from Alex, and they walk out arm in arm.

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