Episode 4

Season 1 Ep 411/23/2006

After watching Big cook up a breakfast of sausage, egg and biscuits while munching on a burger, Rob decides its time for a change. The mission: turn Big into a lean, mean, fighting machine.When an average household scale proves incapable of gauging Big's weight, a quest for a scale that won't be overloaded is launched. A stop at Curves sees them bust a move and nearly the scale, when Big pins their device at its top figure of 400 pounds. The only place they can get a grab a true weigh-in is at the local recycling center, where the industrial scale registers 416.Since Rob hypnotized himself onto the path to success with his skating career, he lines Big up for similar treatment to give him the 'mental edge' to get fit. Unfortunately, things don't go according to plan, with both Rob and Big are lulled to sleep by the hypnotist's voice.Later, Rob catches Big with his face in a fast food bag, and he insists on taking him to a nutritionist, who tells them that the key to success lies in portion control.Not buying that advice, Rob decides its time to take matters into his own hands. He buys Big a bike and puts him through Dyrdek boot camp -- a routine to ride, swim and pump iron to work off some weight. But when Big steps up three weeks later to see how much he's lost, they find that the scale tells the same tale.Discouraged, Big heads back to the nutritionist -- sans skeptical Rob. When she tells him to stick to the portion control plan and have an occasional burger, Big -- and his belly -- couldn't be happier.