The Big Split

Season 13 Ep 141/4/2007

At this point in the challenge, with so few competitors still in the running, going into The Duel is almost unavoidable. With that in mind, Diem enlists CT to help her prepare for when her time comes, and he reminds her that as soon as she starts to show weakness the other girls will eat her alive.Meanwhile Wes and Aneesa try to figure out who will be the next female contestants to enter The Duel. Aneesa says that what winning the cash prize will make her happy, it's not going to make her a better person on the inside if she doesn't win honestly.The next day, the remaining few meet for the next challenge: Around the Block. Team members must race each other up a rectangular 40-foot truss to collect flags. The male and female contestants who collect the most flags will win the challenge.Diem and Jodi end up facing each other as the final two competitors, and although Diem was very successful in her first heat, she is no match for Jodi who has managed to stay out of The Duel through the entire Challenge to date.During elimination, Aneesa is left as the last contestant, putting her in a tough spot since has formed bonds with both Svetlana and Diem. Aneesa decides to pull Diem into The Duel, leaving Diem and CT mortified.Before The Duel, Diem doubts her capabilities as a competitor. CT, on the other hand does not, and convinces her that there is no chance that she'll be sent home.In a round of I Can, Aneesa and Diem must wager the amount of coffee they can lift. When Diem claims she can lift 150 bags of java, Aneesa calls her bluff.When Diem tries to lift the coffee, she has trouble even making it budge. Even with the support of CT in the wings, it's no use and Aneesa is declared the winner.Saying his final goodbyes to Diem after The Duel, CT admits that he would have been the typical angry guy we've come to know without her influence. At the same time, Diem admits that CT has helped her feel comfortable in her own skin and helped her find a new level of confidence that she never knew she had.