Crossing Paths

Season 12 Ep 77/3/2006

While out on the town Tonya and Johnnie discuss how to work better with one another and Wes confesses to Johanna via phone that he feels alone at the challenge. Evan, on the other hand, finds out that he has an athletic hernia -- a torn muscle in his stomach -- and he fears what Coral will think.At the challenge each team must "cross paths": Starting at opposite ends of a rope that hangs 25 feet above water, they must get across the rope by passing one another and reaching the other side -- all without a harness! While it seems to be one of the hardest challenges, most teams come out "swinging" and make it across. The result is a refreshing surprise as Theo and Chanda win the challenge. They contemplate for quite some time before ultimately deciding to send Wes and Casey in to Exile.At deliberation each team goes back and forth deciding between Tina and Kenny and Tonya and Johnnie. When the latter are voted in, Tonya wonders why no one admits they sent them in because they don't like her. She pulls Derrick aside to state she thought he was her friend, but he realizes there he couldn't overturn the majority decision.

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