Don't Bet On It

Season 11 Ep 173/27/2006

Timmy and Derrick are about to go head-to-head in a reverse tug of war. The winner becomes the new team captain and the loser goes home. This is a rough spot for both of them since this is the final Gauntlet.The whistle is blown and Timmy and Derrick fight it out. The battle could go either way, but then Timmy grabs the flag with one last burst of energy. Timmy says he just won but he feels like he lost. The Rookies and the Vets are stunned.When Derrick walks into the house to pack his things he receives a standing ovation. But the game must go on and the Rookies have their 'last supper'. The Rookie women have decided that losing is not an option, while Timmy says the game is ready for an upset and the Vets are taking it home.The final challenge is called Bet Your Booty. There are three events: 12 lbs, Pirate Memory, and Sand Sprint. Each team is given 250 gold doubloons to bet on each of the three events. The minimum bet is 1 doubloon and the maximum bet is 248. Each team member can and must compete in only one event and the team with the most doubloons wins.The Rookies decide to go all in on the Sand Sprint and put Ibis, Jodie, Randy and Jamie in the 12 lbs. contest. The Vets go all in on 12 lbs. with Mark, Timmy, Dave, Julie, and Robin. They figure if they win this contest they will win the final challenge. Both teams literally step up to the plate and prepare to eat 12 lbs of Roti. It's a close race and the Veteran's finish as the bell rings. But the Rookies say that Julie still had food in her mouth and they are the real winners. TJ says it's too close to call and goes to the tape, which shows that the Rookies were done at least 15 seconds before the Veterans and Julie still had food in her mouth. Since the Vets put almost all of their members and doubloons on one event there is no way they can win the final challenge. They walk over to the Rookies and give them the news.TJ officially declares the winners of the Gauntlet 2 the Rookies. Landon, MJ, Randy, Ibis, Jodie, Susie, Jamie, Kina, and Alton take home the grand prize of $240,000.