Girly Girl to Motocross

Season 9 Ep 127/20/08

Kady is perfect, or at least she tries to be. It seems like every moment of the Texan junior's life is devoted to maintaining her flawless image. Fabulous clothes, perfect hair and a beautiful body are her #1 priorities and she's used to getting what she wants. Kady's mom admits that she's to blame for babying her daughter, but that doesn't exactly stop her from catering to Kady's every whim -- including blow-drying Kady's hair and lotioning her legs. Talk about spoiled!While Kady is proud to be a girlie-girl, she has spent so many years being taken care of and trying to live up to her idea of perfection that she doesn't know what she's capable of achieving or who she really is underneath all the glam. That's why Kady wants to leave her pampered life behind and be MADE into a rough and tough motocross racer. She wants to prove to everyone, especially herself, that she's an independent risk-taker who can do more than just look pretty.It's Kady favorite part of the school day, the end, and she and her friends are ready for their daily trip to the tanning salon. But when they enter the parking lot, they make a shocking discovery ... Kady's car is gone! Suddenly, Kyle Williams, a hot-shot motocross racer and Kady's MADE coach, rides up and tells Kady that her car is safe, but she'll have to earn it back. When he asks her some simple questions, it's clear she knows nothing about bikes or the sport -- except Carey Hart is cute!In order to reclaim her precious Mercedes, Kady must complete six weeks of intense motocross training, culminating with her riding in a local race. It's a tall order, so Kyle decides to start her training right away. He makes Kady trade in her designer bag for a bulky backpack before introducing her to her "training wheels": a mountain bike. After some bitching and moaning, Kady starts to ride her bike home. But when it breaks down, she calls her mom to come to the rescue. Once her mom arrives, Kady immediately hops in the car, leaving her mom to load up the bike. So much for becoming Ms. Independent.The next morning, MADE coach Kyle Williams shows up at Kady's house to ride to school with her. Of course, Kady keeps him waiting with her seemingly never-ending beauty regimen and then frustrates him even further when she shows him her broken bike. Kyle lets her take her car for the day, but after school Kady returns to find Kyle and a fixed bike waiting for her in the driveway. They head to the park to work on some basic bike skills, but it quickly becomes clear that Kady is too afraid of getting dirty and sweaty to be a rough rider. Because of this, Kyle makes Kady clean off her new dirt bike, which is covered in mud.But before Kady will be allowed to hit the track again, she's got to prove herself. After riding her mountain bike everywhere for a week, Kady earns back her car and the keys to her new dirt bike. However, when Kady shows up a half-hour late to her first real practice and whines and squeals her way through it, Kyle realizes that they've got a lot of work ahead of them.Though Kady's next few sessions go a bit smoother, her fear of falling is holding her back. MADE coach Kyle Williams explains that motocross is about conquering her fears, and assigns Kady to tackle her fear of needles by getting her ears pierced. During the next few emotional practices, Kyle cracks down, telling Kady that he will not tolerate her pouting sessions any longer. His harsh attitude leaves Kady even more exasperated than usual, but the time for pampering is long gone.Sick of Kady's can't-do attitude, Kyle sends her to Millsaps Training Facility -- aka motocross boot camp -- to train with experienced motocross riders. Her first time riding with other racers doesn't start off on the right foot; she barely even makes it across the starting line! Her struggles continue as she finds it hard to stay focused with all the other bikes whizzing by her. After taking a particularly hard spill, she's ready to call the whole thing off. Fortunately, some words of encouragement from another female biker hit home with the discouraged diva, and she agrees to give it another shot. Kady ends the week on a high note, catching some air with her bike for the first time.Back home, Kady shows MADE coach Kyle Williams what she learned, and Kyle is impressed with both her skills and her excitement about being on the bike. With her newfound confidence, Kady even feels brave enough to get her ears pierced, albeit with a few tearful squeals. Looking to capitalize on Kady's overflowing courage, Kyle challenges her with a double jump. He warns that Kady will crash if she doesn't hit the first hill with enough speed, and sure enough her initial attempt ends in disaster -- it's a total wipeout!After earning some bumps and bruises, Kady needs to take some time to recuperate before she gets back on the dirt bike. Although she can't ride, she continues her training by pimping out her ride and being a flagger at one of Kyle's races. When she's fully healed, Kady's first practice back on the bike is a special one with her motocross crush, Carey Hart. Kady is thrilled to spend the whole day getting coached by such a famous, not to mention cute, motocross racer. If she only learns on thing, Carey hopes it's the fact that there's "no squealing in motocross."At her last practice before the big race, Kady shocks MADE coach Kyle Williams -- by showing up on time! To help her shake the pre-race jitters, Kyle decides to make it a fun practice, teaching Kady how to do donuts and other simple tricks. Amazingly, girlie-girl Kady actually has some good, dirty fun.On the day of the big race, Kady's family and friends are more nervous than she is. She's conquered some of her biggest fears to make it this far, and she refuses to end the day without a trophy in her hands. Despite coming out of the gate strong and landing flawless jumps in the first round, she comes in fourth. She knows she has to step it up in the next round, and manages to come in third despite a slow start. To her surprise, Kady's combined race times are enough to win her third place overall!In the end, Kady is going home with more than a trophy; she's also got a new sense of self. By stepping out of her comfort zone and taking a risk, Kady proved she is not just a sheltered little girl. She's been MADE into a confident young woman, who's not afraid to get down and dirty when necessary.

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