Bret Michaels, DeAngelo Hall, and Brian Deegan

Season 15 Ep 81/29/2008

In this episode of Cribs, we get an inside look at the rockin' residences of Bret Michaels, DeAngelo Hall and Brian Deegan.Bret Michaels is a well-rounded star. The singer, songwriter, producer, director and actor is the lead singer of the legendary rock band Poison and stars in his own reality series, Rock of Love. With Poison, Bret has sold 25 million records and scored 15 top 40 singles during his 25-year career. Needless to say, he's put plenty of the green he's earned toward his southwestern paradise in Phoenix, Ariz.After answering the door with his two daughters, Raine and Jorja, Bret Michaels hops on his motorcycle and leads us down the hall to the living room. There, we find the nerve center of the sound system for his entire house, as well as a huge table, wraparound leather couch and the original guitar he used on the classic song "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." In the kitchen, we meet Kate, a pretty blonde dressed a tiny nurse's outfit. After she makes Bret a PB&J sandwich (no crusts!), Bret shows us his refrigerator chock-full of healthy eats and insulin for his diabetes.After a brief stop to check out his collection of gold and platinum records and awards, Bret Michaels takes us to his bedroom -- aka "the baby making room" -- where we see his treasured bedazzled cattle skull that his daughters made. But the real highlight of this crib is outside. After all, why live in the southwest if you're not going to enjoy the weather? Aside from a luxurious pool, this is where we find his slick rides. Bret shows off his '07 Escalade, complete with an invaluable entertainment system that keeps the kids quiet, and his '04 Mercedes-Benz S500, which houses an even more essential system for Arizona living: "butt-cheek refrigeration" in the seats. The tour complete, Bret tells us he has business to attend to and proceeds to sweep up some poop from the sidewalk while whistling a tune.DeAngelo Hall is the starting cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons. A two-time Pro Bowl all-star player, he is renowned for his ability to shut down top wide receivers like Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson. In 2005, he won the NFL's Fastest Man competition at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. With talent like that, his Atlanta crib is sure to be kickin'.DeAngelo Hall greets us and introduces us to his wife, Jada, and their two children. First stop on the tour is his Rembrandt; a tiny painting that's worth a couple of cribs. Next up is the living room, where DeAngelo does most of his entertaining. We meet Martino, DeAngelo's personal piano player. After a brief performance, DeAngelo leads us into the kitchen, which, despite being as large and lavish as the rest of the house, contains $3.50 bottles of Andre champagne (DeAngelo's favorite).In the bedroom, Jada shows off the custom cabinets she had built to house DeAngelo's expansive shoe collection. Meanwhile, the adjoining bathroom contains something DeAngelo is really proud of: a shower that's as big as a car wash! Taking the elevator downstairs to "Club 21" (DeAngelo's jersey number), he shows off a huge bar and poker room. Finally, it's time to take a look at the cornerback's car collection. Despite owning a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Spyder and a Rolls-Royce Phantom, DeAngelo tells us that his favorite car is his red Ferrari. After issuing an open challenge to those who would deny that it's the hottest car in the country, he concludes the tour of his crib.Anyone who follows extreme sports knows superstar freestyle motocross rider Brian Deegan. A 10-time X Games medalist, Brian is one of the founding members of the sport's most notorious team: Metal Mulisha. As the first rider to land a 360, which he dubbed the "Mulisha Twist," he has always been on the cutting edge of the sport. Now, let's see how well bike translates to bank.Brian Deegan is excited to get the tour of his Temecula, Calif., home going after introducing us to his wife, Marissa, and kids Hailie and Haiden. We immediately enter the trophy room where Brian reminisces about some of his past triumphs, including recovering from a life-threatening accident. Next, Brian shows us the master bedroom, where we learn a surprising fact: all of the Deegans sleep in one room. That's right, flanking the enormous, canopied bed is a crib for Haiden and a small bed for Hailie. Brian begrudgingly admits that unlike most stars on Cribs, his bedroom is "not where the magic happens."In the kitchen, we learn that Brian Deegan loves to BBQ and that he keeps a full stock of Rockstar energy drinks. He'll need that energy when he hits his personal gym with his extreme trainer, "Bobby Beefcake." Brian then takes us outside to his large collection of toys: a Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG, a Corvelle, some Honda CR 250 dirt bikes and a tricked out motor home. The backyard is the Metal Mulisha's personal playground, set up with huge dirt bike ramps and an infinity edge pool to relax in after riding. And Brian has one more surprise in store for us as he brings the tour to an end -- he and Marissa fire up a tractor to build some new jumps!

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