For Better Or Worse

Season 3 Ep 89/24/07

Lauren and Jason have been spending a lot of time together lately, leaving people wondering if they're becoming more than friends. But while having lunch together, Jason lets it slip that, not only does he have a girlfriend, but they're moving in together. Lauren's stunned, but agrees to meet the new lady in Jason's life.At Teen Vogue, editor Lisa Love tells Whitney that for her first photo shoot she'll be working with the five guys from the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Lisa warns her that bands are notoriously difficult to deal with, so the buck stops at Whitney -- she's in charge and any mistakes will be on her shoulders.While out shopping, Jen Bunney watches as Heidi tries on wedding dresses. Heidi can't believe she's going to be a bride soon. Jen asks Heidi whether she's sure she's doing the right thing by taking the plunge with Spencer at such a young age and Heidi says she can't picture her life without Spencer.In the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' hotel room, Lauren and Whitney meet the guys and have them try on jeans. Flirty from the get-go, the guys ask what's up for the evening, so Whitney invites them to go out to a dive bar with them. The girls are excited to go out with the band, but Lauren's not sure it's cool to mix business with pleasure.Out at The Dime, The Hills girls meet up with the Red Jumpsuit, who immediately want to do a round of shots, even though Whitney reminds then about the shoot the next morning. As they all start banging them back, Whitney says she hopes she doesn't get wasted. Despite saying they were going to make it an early night, they all head to another bar. Looks like Lauren and Whitney are in it for the long haul.The next morning, the band is late to the photo shoot. When the guys finally arrive, one of them refuses to wear the jeans that Whitney has picked out. Given everything that's going wrong, Whitney worries that Lisa Love's going to have a fit.Getting ready to register for their wedding, Heidi and Spencer hit up a home goods store. Spencer's less than enthused about the shopping excursion. Heidi can't understand why he's so resistant, but Spencer says there's no point in having people buy an armload of gifts they aren't going to use.At Jason's housewarming party, Lauren meets Jason's new lady, Katja. Lauren looks on as the two smooch, feeling increasingly uncomfortable, despite the fact that she tells Jason she's OK. Then, Jason's friends interrupt the party to make a huge announcement --Jason and Katja just got engaged. Lauren raises her glass to toast, but quickly bolts from the scene, saying she needs some air.Jason follows Lauren outside to find out what's up. Lauren says she thinks it's dumb to get engaged at such a young age, but Jason quickly points out that her parents married when they were 20 years old. When Lauren argues that her parents dated for six years, Jason says he's been with Katja for seven months. He wants Lauren to be happy for him, but Lauren says she can't be.Back at Teen Vogue, Whitney faces the music about the photo shoot in Lisa Love's office. Lisa reprimands Whitney, saying she went beyond the line of duty by taking the band out for drinks. Even though Whitney just wanted to make the guys feel comfortable, Lisa says their lateness was probably the result of going out the night before. Lisa tells Whitney she needs to command respect and step up as the boss.Over lunch, Heidi and Spencer chat about their wedding plans. When Spencer suggests they get married in Tibet, Heidi says she doesn't want to fly everyone out so far. Spencer says he thought they were going to elope, and Heidi argues that she wants a full-blown wedding. Then, Spencer lets it slip that he hasn't told his parents that they're getting married. Heidi gets upset and asks if he's embarrassed, and Spencer doesn't really have a response.Meanwhile, Lauren tells Whitney that she's dazed, given the fact that she just met Jason's fiance the night before. Lauren says that the way the announcement was made -- next to a keg and a Bob Marley poster -- it was hard to take seriously. Lauren admits there was a point during the party when she realized that she could have been the one getting engaged. And, as much as she loves Jason, she's glad that's not the way things turned out.

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