Mess With Me, I Mess With You

Season 5 Ep 51210/6/2009

While eating lunch at Coupa Café, Kristin tells Stacie that she wants to meet with Audrina to discuss the Justin Bobby love triangle. Kristin admits that she is interested in Justin, and if Audrina wants to sit down like adults to talk about the situation they can figure things out.While shopping with her sister Casey, Audrina reveals that Kristin asked to meet up. Skeptical of Kristin's intentions, Casey warns Audrina not to trust the girl. But, Audrina's already on the same page, telling Casey that Lauren's already given her the heads up that Kristin is a man-eater and boyfriend stealer.Meanwhile, Stephanie is visiting Heidi and Spencer's new "mansion in the mountains." Heidi says she's starting to adjust to the house, even though she initially resisted. Stephanie says it is definitely a party house and Heidi agrees, adding that it's not very kid-proof. "That's why I picked it," Spencer says. When the newlyweds start bickering over babies, Stephanie calls the couple immature. Spencer sites it as yet another reason they shouldn't consider parenting, but Heidi objects, suggesting a child might make Spencer mature. Stephanie quickly earns kudos from Spencer when she calls it a mistake to have a baby to fix relationship issues, but Heidi refuses to back down.When Audrina blows off Kristin for lunch, Kristin asks Lo to meet her instead. Upon meeting the blonde, Lo says she was surprised by the call. Kristin catches her up to speed, explaining Audrina ditched out on their lunch when she just wanted to talk out their issues in person. Lo's quick to sympathize, understanding how hard it is to reach out to someone and have them not reciprocate the effort. When Lo asks Kristin if there is something going on with her and Justin, Kristin admits that she met him for drinks and wants to understand Audrina's side of the Justin story since he's been saying he and Audrina were never exclusive. But, since Audrina stood her up, she decides she might just go after him anyway. "If you mess with me, I mess with you."While shopping, Lo tells Audrina and Stephanie that Kristin waited for Audrina to show at lunch the other day. Lo asks Audrina for an explanation, and Audrina says she didn't want to go because she has nothing to say to Kristin. Lo tells Audrina that Kristin seemed sincere in wanting to apologize, but Audrina makes it clear that she's not ready to be Kristin's friend. "It's girl code. If you want to be friends with somebody, you don't go out with their ex," Audrina says. Stephanie decides to change the subject by inviting the girls to come with her to Playhouse's grand opening, but Audrina and Lo are already going to a concert showcase for a new Epic Records band called Vedera.At Heidi and Spencer's house, the couple is getting ready for a movie when their neighbors stop by to introduce themselves and their nephew Enzo. Heidi thinks Enzo is adorable and volunteers to babysit anytime. Although Heidi's excited to spend time with the little guy, Spencer's less than thrilled with Heidi for volunteering their childcare services. "Don't ever volunteer me to babysit ever again," he says before walking away.Over at Smashbox, Audrina is working the Vedera showcase, and tells Lo that she's glad they're at the show instead of Playhouse. Meanwhile, Stephanie is at the club with Brody, Jayde and Frankie when Justin and Kristin arrive together. Noting Justin's clean-shaven, nicely-dressed appearance, Brody jokes that Kristin is transforming him. Soon, Justin pulls Kristin away from their table of friends to grab a drink from the bar. Justin asks Kristin what she thinks of him and Kristin admits she's impressed. They both agree to disregard the bad things people are saying about them. Later, Stephanie, Brody and Jayde catch the couple in a lip-lock when they think no one is looking.The next day, Heidi and Spencer get into an argument when Heidi invites Enzo over to play at their house. "I can barely be around adults how am I supposed to be hanging out with kids?" Spencer asks Heidi. He says he never wants to see the kid in their house again.While out to lunch with Audrina, Stephanie tells her she saw Justin and Kristin making out at Playhouse. Audrina doesn't seem too shocked and says she felt a lot of anxiety that night at the Vedera show. Audrina feels like Justin is acting like a different person now with his willingness to show PDA, especially in the middle of a club. And, though she knows Kristin is just down for a good time, Audrina thinks Justin is playing her.Meanwhile, Justin is on a motorcycle ride with Kristin. They stop to get something to eat and end up having a conversation about their future. They decide that they just want to have a good time with each other regardless of critics. "I don't care if you don't," Justin says. Kristin agrees, and they hop back on Justin's bike and ride away.

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