Kenny vs Tina?

Season 12 Ep 97/17/2006

Tina and Kenny come away from a team meeting with an understanding that they need to avoid Exile at all costs -- and must work together more than they have been doing so far. The night before the challenge, Coral and Evan fear they are blending in and both feel they need to push for a first-place finish to keep the other teams from targeting them. Meanwhile, Evan is holding back a secret: he is suffering from a sports-related hernia. He is constant roaring pain and if his condition worsens, he could be forced to pull out of competition.In the challenge, the teams are literally thrown to the sharks. They must collect puzzle pieces scattered across a tank while avoiding multiple types of sharks. Of the eight teams, five teams are disqualified and Shane and Linette again pull off a victory. After a team meeting, they choose Eric and Katie to go into Exile.At the deliberation, Tina and Kenny are voted into Exile with one of those votes coming from Kenny. His act of voting against his own team sends Tina into the stratosphere.

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