Season 20 Ep 1012/15/2010

We last left off just before the final Gulag showdowns. The boys are up first and with Derrick and Tyler in the ring we can only expect the toughest performances. Will Tyler be able to pull off back to back wins or will the tiny ball of muscle Derrick be victorious? With an obvious height and weight favor, Tyler pushes Derrick to his limit in the first round. In the second round, Derrick pushes as hard as he can, but he's no match for Tyler who comes out victorious. The next match up is between rookie beast Emily and unproved Paula. With another weight favor, Paula just can't hold out against Emily as she sends the battered vet home.As the teams gear up for the final challenge they have one last night of fun as Jenn and Tyler appoint Cutthroat Superlatives for each cast member. Of course, Brad and Tori are officially crowned the King and Queen of Cutthroat. The next day, the teams arrive at the final challenge suited up and ready to go. The would be underdogs, the Grey Team, known for their eccentric but wildly successful game play are ready to go with 5 strong players. The Red Team, who has backstabbed their way to 4 players is itching for a win. And the now official underdog Blue Team is comprised of only two women, Emily and Jenn. TJ sounds the horn and the teams start off running... that is until Tori gets winded and decides to power walk.The Blue Team twosome arrives at the Seeing Spots Czech Point first. As the other teams shoot paint balls at their teammates the Red Team is the first to take off to the second Czech Point. The Teams arrive at So Tired and Blue Team twosome realizes that they might be in over their heads when they have to roll larger than life tires to the next Czech Point.At the Down and Dirty Czech Point, Grey Team leader Abe begins to feel a little funny but keeps the pain to himself. But when the Grey Team arrives at Free Ride they realize that their leader might need some helping out. Despite his feverish sermon and shaky legs, the Grey Team carries Abe as far as they can and then lets the EMS takeover when he starts convulsing and vomiting on the road. With their leader down can the Grey Team pull out a win?The Blue Team arrives at Free Ride and since there are only two of them they adopt a dummy they name Ted and carry his yellow scuba body. Back with the Grey Team, Sarah begins to feel the pain of carrying Cara Maria and asks to take a break. When a break turns into vomiting the Grey Team sends Sarah to hang out with Abe in the hospital as they try to pull together some sort of victory. With Laurel now having to work with the two people she tried to get rid of, Cara Maria and Luke, it feels a little less like a final and a little more like ironic karma.With the Blue Team still carrying Ted and the Grey Team literally falling apart the Red Team has taken a nice lead. They fly through the Hard Wood Czech Point and move onto the final portion, the puzzle. As they're forced to memorize Czech road signs and then trample through ponds, mud and barbed wire when they try to piece it together they realize there's something more. An extra piece has been added to mess with the challengers and it comes down to one letter in one word. Good thing Tyler arbitrarily learned Russian in college, little did he know it would come in handy on a challenge. As the Red Team finishes the puzzle and runs toward a giant castle they know that they're close to crossing the finish line. When they bust open the castle doors, TJ is waiting at the top with a smile and a check for $120,000.