Lost In Translation

Season 2 Ep 127/13/2010

Whitney starts out tonight's episode by telling Kelly another PR agency (Alison Brod) wants to represent her line. "I don't want you to think that I'm going behind your back," Whitney explains. Kelly assures Whit she only wants the best for her, but advises her to think carefully before deciding whether to move on. "Watch out," she warns her protégé. "Every fifth word from PR people should be scrutinized."Meanwhile, with Olivia temporarily off in Tokyo, Joe invites Louise Roe to fill in for ELLE.com. While Joe, Erin and editorial director Keith Pollock watch, Louise enthusiastically interviews model Karolina Kurova for ELLE's 25th anniversary shoot at Milk. Noting Louise's energetic "TV announcer" style, Keith wonders whether Olivia's subdued approach is more appropriate for Elle.com. Between Louise and Olivia -- who is really the "ELLE" girl?Over in Tokyo, Olivia represents the mag by meeting with the director of PR (Kani Kurihara) and editor-in-chief (Akiko Mori) of ELLE Japan. After a quick introduction, Akiko and Kani invite Olivia to a fashion party they're throwing that night. Kani suggests that Olivia share the stage with the designers, and field questions from the audience about her own style secrets. Olivia graciously accepts.Back in New York, Roxy tells her photographer friend, Zach, how frustrated she has been with Whitney the past few weeks. Zach listens, but advises Roxy to cut Whitney some slack, reminding her how Whit gave her a job and a place to stay when she had nothing. Roxy wonders whether Whitney is acting out because she is stressed about her line, and admits this is the longest she and Whit have ever gone without talking. Zach, meanwhile, encourages Roxy to try and put the fight behind her. "Let it rest," he advises. "You're at each other's throats."That afternoon, Whitney heads to Alison Brod's midtown office to meet with the fa-shion PR rep herself. During their short meeting, Alison warns Whitney she is "very, very competitive" and promises to do everything in her power to help promote Whitney's line -- assuming Whitney is ready to go all-in. Despite Alison's strong pitch, Whitney decides she needs some more time to think it over. Walking out after the meeting, she tells Alison she isn't ready to commit to anything just yet.Back at ELLE, Erin and Seth are discussing Louise's performance at the 25th anniversary shoot -- and wondering whether Olivia will have a job waiting for her when she gets back from Japan. Seth says no one is expecting much from Olivia's trip to Japan, and jokingly refers to Liv as "lost in translation." Erin agrees, joking that, "If Olivia finds her calling in Japan, she can stay there."In Tokyo, however, Olivia is adapting gracefully to her new surroundings. Attending the Tibi Launch Party (she is introduced as an editor from American ELLE), Olivia quickly wins over the crowd AND the designer by answering questions, sharing personal styling tips and posing for pictures. Way to go, Liv!Back in New York, Erin is anxious to know which girl Joe has chosen to become the new face of ELLE.com. Swinging by Joe's office, she reminds him Louise has "done a great job" but warns him that she is also fielding another offer. "If we don't give her the job at ELLE.com," she warns, "she's gonna take this." Joe admits that Louise has performed well, but tells Erin he has heard extremely favorable reports about Olivia from the editors in Japan. Impressed by both girls, Joe admits he'll need a little more time to choose between them.Downtown in Soho, Kelly calls Whitney into her office to discuss a bit of unpleasant news. Apparently, the industry is buzzing with rumors that Whitney has already left People's Revolution (and signed with Alison Brod), and Kelly has been stuck fending off reports that Whitney fired her! Whitney apologizes for all of the confusion, but Kelly chews her out for wasting her time -- and hurting both their reps. As Roxy looks on, helplessly, Kelly rails about having to defend her agency against Alison's -- and sternly orders Whitey out of her office.The next day at ELLE magazine, Joe gathers his staff around the conference table for an important announcement. After praising everyone for their hard work on the 25th anniversary shoot , and congratulating Louise on a job well done, he announces that Olivia's trip to Japan was a real eye-opener -- and confirms that Olivia is the face of ELLE.com! As a result of her new promotion, she'll be working with Erin even more than ever before. Hope both girls are up for it!In the final scene of the night, Roxy and Whitney sit down and talk for the first time since their fight. After Whitney thanks Roxy for meeting her, talk turns to Whitney's ugly confrontation with Kelly at People's Rev. Whitney explains that Alison Brod is courting her to represent her line, and Kelly is "offended and disappointed" that she is thinking about leaving. Hearing Whitney's predicament, Roxy takes Zach's advice -- and puts the bad blood aside long enough to give Whit some advice. "Your loyalty is to Kelly," Roxy explains, reminding Whitney that Kelly jumpstarted her fashion career by getting her that first show in Bryant Park.Although she sees Roxy's point, Whitney admits she is still having trouble deciding whether to stay with Kelly or go with Alison. Before heading back to work, Roxy offers Whitney one last piece of advice: "If you sign with Alison Brod," she warns her, "things between you and Kelly will never be the same."