Prom Queen

Season 6 Ep 5

What's a tough girl to do when senior year of high school rolls around and she has nothing but lonely lunch hours and a mean-girl reputation to remember high school by? Become prom queen, of course. That's what bad girl Brittany plans to do with the help of MADE coach Tara Solomon, Miami PR mogul, Miami Herald columnist, and pal to Paris Hilton. But Brittany soon finds that accomplishing her goal takes more than prom queen dreams and mad MADE coach credentials.Tara starts Brittany off on her mission by requesting that Brittany ask ten senior classmates to vote for her. The only problem is that Brittany hasn't spent much time making friends at Inlet Grove High. Instead, she hangs with the "hardcore" crowd, which is made up of moshing, dark eyeliner-wearing, pierced pals who hang out at the local tattoo parlor. "I want to be the girl that nobody thinks that I can be," Brittany says, hoping that both her hardcore friends and classmates will accept her softer side.Tara continues Brittany's "re-imaging campaign" by suggesting that Brittany make "daily affirmations" in front of the bathroom mirror. Telling herself she's a goddess can only make Brittany believe it, Tara says, but that's not the case when Brittany meets Beau, personal shopper to the rich. It's Beau's job to introduce Brittany to the girly side of fashion, but Brittany's not so sure about his clothing choices, saying at one point that she looks like a piƱata. When Brittany forms a prom queen committee, her classmates report back that their efforts at undoing her hardcore image are just "too little too late." "I want to make friends," Brittany says through tears.Tara boosts Brittany's morale with a room-cleaning session, a day at the salon, and some prom queen poster glamour shots. Brittany wows her classmates when she shows up on speech day without her usual thick eye makeup, band t-shirt, and blue jeans. Brittany, now one of the prettiest girls in school according to her prom date Ayrton, tears her speech notes in half, grabs the microphone, and steps out in front of the podium to tell her classmates that being prom queen would mean the world to her.When Brittany arrives at the prom, her new friends can't help but notice the positive change in Brittany's demeanor, not to mention her stunning black-and-white prom dress. Brittany declares that crown or no crown, she couldn't be any happier with her new self. But Brittany doesn't have to worry about going home crownless; Brittany's dream comes true when her classmates vote her prom queen. Now Brittany has more than her prom queen crown to remind her of high school, because she's been MADE.

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