Stage Fight

Season 2 Ep 106/29/2010

Another exciting week at ELLE! Joe and Erin tell Olivia they need her help with an upcoming segment on 'The Martha Stewart Show.' Erin's already lined up three up-and-coming designers for Robbie (Elle's editor-in-chief) to introduce on-air, and they need Olivia's help researching the fourth, newcomer Prabal Gurung. As always, Joe reminds Olivia how much they're counting on her to pull her weight. "It's really important that we look professional," he tells her, instructing both girls to work together and make it happen.Meanwhile, at People's Revolution, Kelly tells Whitney and Roxy that her friend's client, LIGHTS, is having a fashion emergency! Her tour bus was robbed, Kelly explains, and she needs three new looks for her upcoming concert. Whitney offers to go through the collection, but Roxy insists she has it covered, telling Whitney "you have to trust how well I know your clothes." Whitney agrees to put Roxy in charge, but not before Kelly issues a stern warning. This is a huge opportunity, she reminds the girls. "It'd be a very, very bad thing if one of those outfits were not Whitney Eve."Across town in Rose Hill, Joe and Olivia are meeting at Prabal Gurung's showroom to go over the looks from his collection. Although the designer favors some of his flashier pieces, Olivia suggests pairing blue tuxedo pants with a fitted blazer for a modern, menswear-inspired look. (Joe and Prabal love it!) Before leaving, Olivia further ingratiates herself to Prabal by agreeing to wear one of his dresses at her next red carpet event.Back at People's Revolution, Roxy is showing dresses from Whitney's line to LIGHTS and her manager, Jian. Unfortunately, LIGHTS admits she's looking for something a little grungier to wear on stage. Despite Roxy's best efforts, she ends up picking a tank top from a neighboring rack instead, though she does -- tentatively -- agree to pair it with one of Whitney's blazers. (That is, as long as it's not too hot ... )That night, Roxy meets LIGHTS backstage at her concert to go over the wardrobe one more time. In addition to the blazer, she's brought a few other Whitney Eve looks "just in case." Before leaving, Roxy implores LIGHTS to wear the jacket on stage, at least at the beginning, but LIGHTS refuses to give her her word, telling Roxy she needs to do what's most comfortable.Over in the audience, Whitney tells Kelly she's having trouble containing her excitement. With LIGHTS' devoted following (on Facebook, music blogs, etc) this concert is sure to reach a lot of people -- and Whitney could definitely use the "street cred." After a quick meet-and-greet with their in-house photographer, Zach ("make sure you get one of her in the jacket!") Whitney watches as LIGHTS takes the stage -- wearing her blazer! Unfortunately, her enjoyment is short-lived. Within seconds, LIGHTS has peeled off the jacket and thrown it on the floor. Horrified, Whitney scans the crowd for Roxy while the show gets underway.Fortunately, Olivia's having a much better night over at Cipriani, for the DKMS Gala. In addition to looking gorgeous (in Prabal's off-the-shoulder gown), she's also impressing Joe with her ability to work the room. When they run into Robbie, he immediately tells her how instrumental Olivia was in choosing the final look for the Martha segment. Looks like her job is safe for now!Back at the LIGHTS concert, Whitney's frustration has finally reached a breaking point, and she leaves her seat to go find Roxy. (Roxy, meanwhile, is checking in with Zach -- turns out, he's managed to get a picture of LIGHTS wearing the blazer after all.) When Whitney finds Roxy, she immediately chews her out for LIGHTS' failure to wear the clothes. Roxy insists it's not her fault ("I can't force her to wear your clothes!"), and explains that she pushed as hard as she could. Unconvinced, Whitney reminds Roxy that dressing LIGHTS (in Whitney Eve) was her responsibility. "I'm not the only person you have to answer to," she warns. "Kelly will be so pissed."Early the next morning, Erin and Robbie head over to the Martha Stewart Show. Although things are a little chaotic backstage (with last-minute hair/makeup adjustment), the segment goes flawlessly -- and Olivia's electric blue tuxedo pants are the standout piece.Things aren't quite as copacetic over at Whitney's downtown apartment. After all, Roxy's her roommate as well as her coworker! When Roxy tries to clear the air about LIGHTS, she and Whitney end up arguing. Whit hints that Roxy's in over her head at People's Revolution and says working together is straining their relationship. Indignant, Roxy reminds Whitney how hard she's worked -- and says she's hurt by Whitney's willingness to write her off. Since living and working together isn't working anymore, Roxy announces she'll be moving out.That afternoon at ELLE, Joe swings by Erin and Olivia's work station to congratulate them on a successful segment. After crediting Erin with scoring the pitch, he praises Olivia for creating the most talked-about outfit of the show. Great job, girls! Now if only they could just learn to get along ...