When Diggy Met Brittney

Season 4 Ep 411/8/07

Even hip-hop legends have to unwind, and for Rev Run that means using his downtime to clean the pool in back of Run's House. When Justine comes out to tell him she has to run some errands, she reminds him that it's his job to supervise Diggy and his new friends, Brittney and Catherine. Run's face lights up when he hears Brittney's name because he knows she's rapper Ja Rule's daughter and he thinks the two would make a cute couple. Justine tells Run to behave himself or else he'll embarrass Diggy.In the kitchen, Angela, JoJo, Diggy and Russy are eating when Vanessa enters and introduces herself as Lola, her character's name on Guiding Light. Everyone gives her a hard time as she struggles to stay in character. When Rev Run and Justine enter, Veronica explains that she's trying to get into character before she shoots her first episode later in the week.That afternoon, Diggy is playing on the Slip 'N Slide in the backyard with Brittney and Catherine. Rev Run, still cleaning the pool, calls Diggy over to tease him. When Run asks Diggy which girl he likes more, Diggy is totally embarrassed. Run says he hopes it's Brittney so they can "keep it in the rap family."On the set of Guiding Light, Vanessa rehearses with Lawrence St. Victor, the actor who plays her character's love interest. After they run through a scene she admits that she's starting to feel comfortable with her lines. A moment later, a production assistant enters the room with a stack of scripts, saying there have been some revisions and they'll both have to learn their new lines by the morning.That night, Rev Run tells Justine that he's excited that Diggy is spending so much time with Brittney and he hopes their friendship will blossom into something more. Justine stops Run, reminding him that Diggy and Brittney are only kids and that he's getting ahead of himself. But Run jokes that if the two got married, Ja Rule would have to pay for the wedding, since he'd be the father of the bride.The next morning Russy and JoJo are playing basketball when Diggy shows up looking for some advice. Diggy explains that Rev Run is constantly embarrassing him in front of Brittney and he doesn't know how to make him stop. JoJo tells Diggy that all he needs to do is be straight with his pops, and that should take care of things.Diggy tries to put JoJo's advice to work when Rev Run approaches him while Brittney is over. When Diggy tells his dad that he only likes Brittney as a friend, Run isn't buying it, telling Diggy that he's going to talk to Ja Rule about fixing them up. Diggy walks away frustrated and embarrassed.When Ja Rule comes to pick up Brittney, Rev Run meets him at the front door while Brittney and Diggy uncomfortably sit in the kitchen talking about how annoying their fathers are. Outside, Run and Ja Rule joke about how cute their kids are together, and Run mentions that he expects Ja to pay for the wedding if their kids get hitched.Meanwhile, Vanessa is stressing out over the script revision as she goes over her new lines in a Guiding Light dressing room. As she repeats the same sentence over and over, the casting director comes in and tells her they're scrapping the script again.Back at Run's House, Diggy is freaking out after finding out from Brittney that Rev Run mentioned to Ja Rule that the daughter's side of the family is supposed to pay for the wedding. While Justine is upset by what happened, Run makes light of it, causing Diggy to storm off.At home, Vanessa is still worried that she isn't going to be able to learn her lines in time for her taping the next morning. Rev Run sits his daughter down to tell her a story about the first time Run-D.M.C. ever appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards. Run tells her that he had to learn someone else's rhymes for the first time ever and he was nervous because the whole world was watching and he thought he was going to mess up. But he did it and Run-D.M.C. went on to become hip-hop icons. Run tells Vanessa that once she memorizes her lines, she will never forget them. He knows she can bust it out.Later, Diggy and Brittney are hanging out when Rev Run asks for a word alone with his son. Diggy stubbornly follows Run outside thinking that his dad is going to tease him again about his new friend. But when they get outside, Run apologizes for making fun of Diggy's friendship with Brittney and tells Diggy that he won't do it anymore.That night, Vanessa has a long face when she gets back from shooting Guiding Light. Rev Run and Justine are worried, until Vanessa says she's just kidding around and that everything went great. Run takes some credit for his daughter's success, saying that his words of inspiration helped her along. Justine tells him that his name is Run for a reason -- he's always running his mouth off!"Are you prepared for bumps in the road? A path without obstacles is a path without challenges. When you prepare for the unexpected, you're prepared for everything. Remember, life's lessons come from the journey, not the destination. God is love." -- Rev Run

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