When Spencer Finds Out…

Season 3 Ep 224/7/2008

All Lauren wants for her birthday is for everyone in to just stop fighting! Unfortunately, birthday wishes don't always come true.After class one day, Lauren invites Stephanie to her party, but Stephanie is hesitant to accept the invitation because she doesn't want to cause more drama than there already is. Eventually, though, she agrees to come.When Spencer stops by his old apartment to take the rest of his things, he asks Heidi whether he can date other girls. Heidi tells him she doesn't want to date anyone else, but if he wants to see other girls, he can go right ahead. The catch? If Spencer does start dating again, his relationship with Heidi is over.Meanwhile, Lo stops by Lauren's apartment to give Lauren a birthday present. As she's opening her gift, Lauren admits that Brody won't be at her party -- but Stephanie will. Lo looks surprised by the news.That night, Stephanie comes home to a disaster. Spencer's eating her food and a giant fish tank is sitting in the middle of her living room. When she tries to lay down some roommate rules, Spencer laughs them off and assures her he's being productive -- he just started Operation Win Heidi Back. Um, was asking Heidi if it's OK to date other girl's part of his master plan?When Stephanie shows up at S Bar for Lauren's birthday, Heidi's co-worker Kimberly is working the door. When Stephanie walks in, Audrina and Lo immediately start whispering about how she can't be trusted. At the same time, Lauren and Stephanie talk about putting the past behind them.First thing the next morning, Kimberly fills Heidi in on spotting Lauren and Stephanie acting like BFFs. Heidi's surprised and still doesn't understand why Lauren will talk to Stephanie but not her. When Kimberly leaves, Heidi immediately calls Spencer. They may be fighting, but Heidi and Spencer agree that Lauren and Stephanie's newfound friendship is totally unacceptable.The next day, Lauren and Brody meet for lunch for the first time since their fight at Les Deux. Brody admits to having a girlfriend named Cora and Lauren frets over having no potential love interests. When Stephanie comes up in conversation, Brody says he thinks Heidi and Spencer might be using her as a pawn in some crazy scheme against Lauren. He warns Lauren to watch her back.When Spencer confronts Stephanie that night, she defends her friendship with Lauren and says she wants to help Lauren and Heidi become friends again. Pissed, Spencer starts yelling at Stephanie, asking if she'll be hanging out with Brody next. When he won't let up, she breaks down and cries.In class, Stephanie tells Lauren that Spencer found out that she was at S Bar. She admits that she doesn't know why he wants to keep this fight going. Can't he just get over it?Later, Stephanie stops by Heidi's apartment to try to smooth things over. But Heidi reams her out for betraying both her and Spencer. When Stephanie asks what Heidi and Spencer did to Lauren to make her want nothing to do with them, Heidi just gives Stephanie an icy glare. She warns Stephanie to be careful around Lauren, claiming that Lauren will turn on her. Once again, Stephanie is caught in the middle. Why can't everyone just get along?

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