Sorry Boo, Strike Two

Season 5 Ep 1510/27/2009

Kristin and Stacie are lounging outside Kristin's beachfront home in Malibu when Kristin decides to throw a party. The duo plans the guest list and end up talking about Justin Bobby. Stacie is shocked when Kristin tells her about Justin's surprise dinner. Stacie thinks Justin was too easily forgiven for blowing off Brody's party considering Kristin's three-strike rule. She tells Kristin that the bad boy is making her work for him. But, Kristin disagrees. She uses Justin's cooking her dinner as proof that he's working for her. Kristin tells Stacie that one meal doesn't take back the first strike and if he disappoints her again he won't get a chance for a third.In Beverly Hills, Brody and Jayde are at a restaurant. Brody makes a toast to Jayde to thank her for throwing his birthday bash. Jayde is pleased to have her effort acknowledged, but gets upset when Brody uses the nice moment to spring Kristin's party on her. Jayde tells Brody she doesn't want to go because they always get in a fight when she's around. Despite her concerns, Brody says he's going to the party anyway.Meanwhile, Heidi is in her living room babysitting her neighbor Enzo. When Spencer comes in the room, he's surprised to see their pint-sized neighbor again and asks his wife how often they will be babysitting. Heidi assures him that this just happened on a whim, so Spencer drops it. Instead he asks if Heidi heard about Kristin's Malibu beach party. Heidi tells him Holly is going but won't drink, but Spencer doubts it's the case, saying Holly is lying. Heidi tells Spencer he's wrong about her sister.Stephanie and Holly are the first to arrive at Kristin's party. Holly fixes herself a drink within minutes of arriving. Brody and the other guys get there shortly after and Holly takes shots with them. When Kristin notices Brody came alone, she asks if Jayde will be upset. Brody tells her it's not a problem. Kristin drops the subject when she gets a text message from Justin Bobby that reads, "Sorry, Boo. Strike two. I'll call you later." Brody commiserates with Kristin about Justin's game playing. Brody says he's going to rag on Justin for the cutesy text, but Kristin says she's done with him.Later, Holly tries to get a dance party going after taking few shots. She ends up dancing on her own while everyone at the party watches. Stephanie thinks Holly is getting out of control, so she has a talk with her. Holly assures Stephanie she hasn't had too much to drink.Meanwhile, Justin shows up. Kristin asks Brody why Justin would pull such a stupid prank, so Brody decides to investigate the situation. Justin admits to Brody that he was playing head games with Kristin. Brody tells him it didn't work and Kristin didn't like it. "Tough," is Justin's response. Justin then tells Brody he cares too much. Brody ends the conversation by proposing they go inside and take shots.When he walks through the door, Brody is surprised to see Jayde and her friends waiting inside. Jayde tells Brody that he seemed too busy talking with Kristin to tell him she was there. Things get tense between them.Back in Hollywood, Lo is visiting Audrina. Audrina fills Lo in on her meet-up with Justin, sharing that he kept bringing up their past and saying how weird it was to have Kristin on his bike. Lo tells Audrina that Justin reminiscing about their history is not okay and she thinks Justin isn't over her.At the party Justin tries smoothing things over with Kristin after his text messaging fiasco. Kristin says she doesn't think it was funny, but Justin tells her it's more important that he showed up, so she should let the joke go. Kristin admits she was happy when he showed up, but finds him unreliable and inconsistent. When Kristin tells Justin she hears bad things about him from everyone, including Brody, Justin tells her she can't trust her ex-boyfriend. Kristin disagrees and reemphasizes that if he hadn't shown up, they'd be over.In the house, Brody overhears Jayde ranting to her friends about his partying and rude behavior. After exchanging some harsh words, Brody storms out exclaiming that he's done with Jayde.The next morning Kristin and Stacie review the party. Stacie says that Justin's text message prank was weird and Kristin's relationship with him shouldn't be so much work. Kristin tells Stacie that Justin thinks she and Brody still like each other. Kristin admits she had more fun with Brody than with Justin at the party, too, and toys with the idea of dating her ex again.Meanwhile, Heidi and Stephanie meet with Holly to discuss her continued drinking. Heidi is disappointed that Holly drank at Kristin's beach party after she said she wouldn't. Holly tells Heidi she only said she'd tone it down because she doesn't have a drinking problem. After sharing her positive rehab experience, Stephanie tells Holly it's rude for her to expect them to believe her. Holly says Stephanie is projecting her own experiences, and she resents being patronized by her younger sisters. Heidi defends their concern by telling Holly she would feel responsible if something happened to her. Holly starts crying, and Stephanie and Heidi try to comfort her. Stephanie hugs Holly and tells her she thinks she needs to go to rehab. Holly gets up and storms out.At Brody's condo, he's having a serious talk with Jayde. Brody tells Jayde she embarrassed him at Kristin's party. Jayde calls Kristin manipulative and says she is still interested in Brody. She asks Brody if he has feelings for Kristin. When Brody says he doesn't know, Jayde gets up and tells him to call her when he figures out what he wants. She walks out leaving Brody alone on his couch.

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