Season 6 Ep 7

Lake Travis, Texas is where life is all about being on the water. Meet Joan. She doesn't like the water and likewise doesn't fit in. One of her closest friends is "Lambchop," her pet lamb.Joan wants to be MADE into a wakeboarder so that she can be accepted by her Lake Travis peers. Her MADE coach is Billy G.--a national wakeboarding champion. Joan performs well on her first day wakeboarding, so Billy G. prepares her to compete in the International League Contest.A job at the Marina gets Joan in the company of the cool kids, but it's not a cool gig--she cleans toilets, eww. To make it worse, Riley, the hottest wakeboarder pulls up on his water-ski while she's scrubbing a bathroom. Later, Joan and Riley hang out. He shows off the wakeboard tantrum trick, and she shows off what she's learned so far. How romantic...not. Riley accepts a second outing, but breaks the date and thus Joan's heart.Re-motivated by a makeover, Joan focuses on her goal and starts to kick butt by performing impressive wakeboarding tricks during practice. At competition, Joan falls. The pressure is on because falling again will disqualify her. With her family and coach watching intensely, Joan has a great second round and takes second place. Finally she feels like she belongs at Lake Travis. Joan's been MADE into a wakeboarder!

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