The Company You Keep

Season 6 Ep 76/8/2010

At the Neil George Salon, Kristin and Stacie are getting their hair done, and catching up on the latest gossip. First, they discuss Audrina's relationship with Ryan (Kristin seems to think Justin is a better fit), before they move on to Brody's girlfriend, McKaela. Both girls think McKaela is in over her head (as Stacie points out, Kristin and Brody still have a lot of chemistry), and Kristin says she feels sorry for McKaela. If McKaela thinks she is going to tame Brody, she has a lot to learn.While shopping at A. Sweet in Beverly Hills, Stephanie and Audrina talk about Ste-phanie's birthday plans. When the talk turns to boys, Audrina admits that things are hot and cold with Ryan and tells Steph that she is looking forward to hanging out with "the girls". When Audrina asks about the guest list for Steph's birthday bash, Stephanie in-terjects with questions about Audrina running into Justin Bobby at Voyeur. Audrina tells Steph that Justin was flirty "like always", and she is unsure about her ex's intentions. Hearing this, Stephanie offers her own take on the subject, telling 'Drina, "You need to keep your distance."Over at Smashbox Studios, Lo decides to invite her new friend, McKaela, to swing by Stephanie's birthday party that night. It seems things have cooled down between McKaela and Brody. When pressed, McKaela admits she and Brody haven't talked re-cently, and Lo hints he may not be ready to commit. "I think he's gonna end up with a girl like you," she tells McKaela, "I just don't know if he's ready for it."That night, the gang gathers at Bar 210 in Beverly Hills for Stepanie's soiree. After the boys arrive and the girls shower Steph with birthday hugs, Kristin flirtatiously plac-es herself on Brody's lap. McKaela walks in shortly after with her friend, Allie, who seems to have tension with Brody and Kristin (according to Brody, Allie once tried to break into his house!). Things only get more awkward when McKaela walks over to talk to Brody. Put on the defensive about Kristin, Brody scolds McKaela for showing up un-announced (and with Allie no less) before storming off.The next day at Smashbox Studios, McKaela asks Lo whether she should reach out to Brody. Although Lo discourages her friend from calling (telling McKaela, "He's not nice to you."), McKaela insists she wants an opportunity to "explain herself" and calls him anyway. Brody lets the call go to voicemail while Kristin (who, apparently, spent the night) hunts for her shoes.Later that day, Audrina and Kristin meet up at Toast to discuss what went down at Stephanie's birthday. Kristin still can't believe that McKaela and Allie are friends, but Audrina is more interested in talking about Kristin and Brody's chemistry ("You're like soulmates!" Audrina persists). Kristin tells her that Brody and McKaela are "done". Throughout lunch, Audrina's phone lights up with text messages, and before lunch is over, Audrina comes clean about the texts-- they were all from Justin Bobby!Meanwhile, McKaela meets Allie at The Colony Cafe to find out why things are so awkward between Allie and Kristin. According to Allie, Kristin is trying to make her look stupid by spreading lies (like the story of the break-in). After hearing Allie's side of the story, McKaela decides she is not ready to lose her friendship. When she tells Allie she would like to make peace with Kristin, Allie warns her that Kristin may try to hurt her feelings.Across town at Busby's, Audrina decides it's time for another relationship talk with Ryan. Since Ryan is about to leave on tour, Audrina tells him she thinks it would be a good idea to take a step back. Ryan argues that they have a good thing going ("I have a girl that I love!" he tells her), but Audrina refuses to back down. "Maybe I have to stop and work through things," she admits.That afternoon, Lo and Stephanie head over to Kristin's house for some girl talk. Af-ter a quick discussion about Audrina (Lo tells the girls she is going through a rough patch with Ryan), they start gossiping about McKaela. Lo and Kristin agree that McKae-la's friend, Allie, is bad news and Lo warns Kristin that McKaela wants to talk to her about Brody. "She's obsessed with him!" Kristin laughs.Meanwhile, Audrina surprises Justin Bobby by showing up at one of his favorite hangouts, Lindibilt Customs bike shop. When Justin asks about Ryan, Audrina admits they have been arguing a lot, and says she never told him about running into Justin the week before. Justin responds by hinting that Audrina and Ryan aren't right for each other, telling her "You can just tell when two people are completely happy."Later, McKaela invites Kristin to East bar to clear the air about Allie and Brody. However, it doesn't take Kristin long to dominate the conversation. After warning McKaela that Allie's true colors "will show eventually", she discourages her from trying to have a relationship with Brody. All that stuff he said about wanting to settle down? "He [was] trying to sleep with you!" Kristin laughs. Before leaving, Kristin has one more piece of advice (or was that a warning?) for McKaela: "If you keep hanging around with him, there's gonna be problems."