The Boys Of Summer

Season 5 Ep 2012/1/2009

Kristin is in Malibu packing up her beach house when she tells Stacie she doesn't want to pursue a relationship with Justin Bobby. Kristin says things were perfect when they were in Vegas, but she knows real life isn't like vacation. As Kristin explains that she doesn't want to get hurt, Stacie is team JB, warning Kristin that if she doesn't take a risk on a relationship, she's going to end up alone.Over at Spencer and Heidi's Hollywood home, Spencer is playing basketball with Brody. "There's a chance I'm about to be Pratt daddy," Spencer says before recounting the latest baby drama with Heidi. Brody commiserates with his friend, mentioning his own problems with Jayde. Although Brody shares that he and Jayde have been rocky, Spencer predicts that by this time next year, it will be Brody who is married and being pushed to have babies. But Brody quickly declares that he'll be through with Jayde if she starts pressuring him to move their relationship forward.While shopping with Lo, Audrina reveals she called Justin. Audrina says the last time she met with her ex, she got overwhelmed and couldn't say what she wanted. Lo doesn't get why Audrina still stresses about Justin since things are over between them, but Audrina explains she wants them to meet one last time, then go their separate ways.In Malibu, Kristin and Justin are hanging out at Kristin's beach pad. When Kristin mentions that she's moving out of her house, Justin offers his place as a potential landing spot if she has problems finding a new living situation. Happy with how things have been going, Justin tells Kristin how compatible he feels with her. While Kristin says that a big part of her wants to be with him, she thinks they should cool things off since she doesn't want a boyfriend. Offended by Kristin's brush-off, Justin points out all the ways he's proven himself to her and asks Kristin to figure out what she wants before leaving her on the beach.Later, Heidi comes home to find Spencer playing video games with their kid-neighbor Enzo. Spencer uses a loud conversation with the kid to hint to Heidi that he knows about her down-low pregnancy planning. Frustrated with his games, Heidi tells him to ask her if he wants to know something. When Spencer says he doesn't have anything to ask, Heidi walks away.In a more celebratory environment, Jayde and Brody are at his friend Taylor's engagement party. As Jayde pulls Taylor's fiancée, Abbey, aside to wish the couple well, the bride-to-be says it's about time for her and Brody to get married. Jayde agrees and adds that if Abbey and Taylor are engaged, she and Brody should at least live together. As Jayde sees her future with Brody moving forward, her boyfriend stands on the other end of the yard, telling his friends that he's definitely not ready to get married.At Kristin's, Stacie learns that her friend broke things off with Justin. Kristin says she's scared of getting hurt, and thinks that her fear might be the reason she hasn't had a boyfriend in a couple of years. She tells Stacie that she can't get close to guys because she thinks they will screw her over. Stacie says trust takes time, but when she finds a good person, a relationship will work.Back at the engagement party, everyone is sitting down to eat. After glancing over at the engaged couple, Jayde starts a conversation with Brody about marriage, his commitment issues and moving in together. Brody tells Jayde it's scary that they just got back together and they're already talking about moving in together. Wanting to change the subject, he says it's inappropriate to have this particular conversation at someone else's engagement party. Jayde drops the topic, but when the cake comes around neither Jayde nor Brody look like they're celebrating anymore.Meanwhile, Audrina meets Justin on a pier. Before starting the conversation, Audrina tells him she didn't come to fight. Justin says he never meant to hurt her with their last conversation, but Audrina says she can't be friends with him. Justin reminds her that she's the one who wanted him out of her life. Their conversation gets heated, and when Audrina accuses him of playing with her emotions for years, Justin says they were never really together. Audrina calls him selfish and says he's going to end up a lonely, old man. "I hope you do fall in love someday then maybe you'll actually feel something," Audrina says before wishing Justin the best and leaving him alone on the pier with his thoughts.At the Pratt household, Spencer sits down with Heidi to talk about the pregnancy test scare. He asks Heidi if she is pregnant. She says no, but she was hoping. Heidi explains that Spencer shutting down the possibility of having kids caused her sneaky behavior. Changing his tune from previous conversations, Spencer tells Heidi that when they are both ready, they will have a baby. A relieved Heidi is happy to hear that Spencer is finally open to the idea. "Whatever you want to do, I'm right there with you," Spencer assures her.Meanwhile, Brody is at his condo telling Frankie and Taylor that he's done with Jayde. His friends celebrate the news and Brody says it's been a long time since he's been single. As the guys recount Brody's past conquests, he tells the gang he may still have feelings for Kristin. Again his friends are supportive and say she's good for him.But Brody's realization that he's still into Kristin may have come too late. Justin shows up at Kristin's door and asks to talk about their relationship. He tells Kristin that he's unwilling to let her go. Justin admits he has commitment issues, but believes they can work as a couple. When she expresses her doubts, he gives Kristin his word that she can trust him. Warming up to the idea, Kristin says if they give it a shot they have to be honest. They both decide they're willing to make things work, then share a kiss and hold each other while watching the sunset from Kristin's balcony.