Professionally Dangerous

Season 2 Ep 35/11/2010

Sparks were flying between Roxy and Zach last week and now, Roxy's finally coming clean about her crush on the boundary-pushing photographer. When Whitney, Samantha and Roxy meet for lunch, Roxy admits that she wants to "get naked" for Zach (or at least his camera), even as she points out that his flirty texts already make for an "awkward" working relationship. Next, Whitney tells Sami about her upcoming features on RueLaLa & - and credits Olivia with making it happen. "I'm shocked that Olivia pulled through for me," she confesses as the other girls nod in agreement.Meanwhile, Olivia drops by the office of Elle's Executive Accessories Editor to pitch another story: a feature spotlighting her friends, jewelry designers Jemma Wynne. Kate visits their website and agrees they have talent, and Olivia promises to follow-up with images/background info and to touch base about arranging an interview.Across town, Whitney arrives at the Milk Studios in the Meatpacking District for her RueLaLa shoot, where she receives a warm welcome (and a big hug) from Erin. After saying hello to the shoot's photographer, Jonathan, and Stacey Santo from RueLaLa, she asks Erin about Olivia and learns that the girls are trying to work on their communication. Kelly Cutrone arrives and asks when Olivia will be coming to do her behind-the-scenes interview with Whitney. Erin admits she's not sure where Olivia is - or when she's planning to arrive.So where IS Olivia? Over at the Jemma Wynne showroom, getting ready to interview her friend Stephanie Sheikowitz (co-founder of JW), for While Senior Producer Sebastian rolls the tape, Olivia gets things rolling with Stephanie while we flash back to Whitney and the gang, who are still (impatiently) awaiting Olivia's arrival at the studio.A frustrated-sounding Kelly demands to know when "Palermo" will be arriving on set (Erin admits she has no idea) while Whitney finds out a little more about Jonathan, the shoot's photographer. Just then, Erin gets a call from Olivia informing her that she won't be coming after all. After she hangs up, she informs Whitney and Kelly that Olivia's out interviewing another designer instead - and tells them how Olivia had only negative things to say about Whitney's line. Furious on Whitney's behalf, Kelly threatens to take Olivia down while Erin shakes her head over Olivia's betrayal.Back over at Elle, Erin confronts Olivia about skipping out on Whitney's interview. Olivia calls the no-show a "miscommunication," insisting that she had already committed to the interview with Jemma Wynne. Unconvinced, Erin tells Olivia she let the magazine down, and scolds her for hurting Whitney's feelings and putting everyone in an awkward spot. Olivia responds by announcing the discussion is "done" and angrily storming out.Later that night, Roxy surprises Whitney by telling her she's going out with Zach. Roxy insists it's just a business "meeting," but her sexy outfit (and the romantic restaurant Zach takes her to) suggest otherwise. Over dinner, Zach complains about being drilled by Kelly (hey, she's very protective of her girls!) and Roxy shows him pictures of her dog. Dinner ends on a flirty note, when Zach hints how much he's enjoyed hanging out with Roxy.Back at Elle, Joe Zee calls Olivia into his office and confronts her about standing Whitney up. Although Olivia insists it was a misunderstanding, Joe orders her to make things right with Whitney - and tells her that her job at Elle is on the line. "If you want to work here," Joe warns, "I need you to make amends."Elsewhere at Elle HQ, Erin drops by Sebastian's office to check out Olivia's interview with Gemma Wynne. Although Sebastian warns her it's "rough," Although Sebastian warns her it's "rough," Erin is decides the footage isn't spectacular and not worth using. Did Olivia really ditch an exclusive with Whitney for this?Over at People's Revolution, Roxy fills Whitney in on her date with Zach (she had fun, but Zach's so nice it makes her nervous!) then move on to discuss Olivia's disappearing act at the photo shoot. Whitney wants to brush off Olivia's bad behavior, but Kelly arrives, and tells Whitney to "take this bitch out!" Whitney admits she's seeing Olivia later that day, and Roxy and Kelly offer the same advice: stand up for yourself and "fight back"!When Whitney arrives at Fig & Olive for the big confrontation, Olivia is already waiting. Olivia starts things off with a quick apology, telling Whitney she's sorry for the "miscommunication. Unfortunately, Whitney's not quite ready to forgive and forget. Instead of accepting Olivia's apology, Whitney accuses her of missing the meeting on purpose and refusing to support her clothing line. When Whitney calls Olivia's actions immature (and tells her she made herself "look like a complete bitch,") Olivia decides she's heard enough. Despite the stern ultimatum from Joe, she storms out of the restaurant while Whitney calls her a "coward" under her breath.