Friends In High Places

Season 2 Ep 25/4/2010

At People's Revolution, Kelly Cutrone gathers everyone around to announce Whitney's first runway show was a hit! Kelly reads a rave review from Women's Wear Daily congratulating Whit on her "catwalk debut" and encourages her to take in the compliments -- along with the constructive criticism. With the show (finally!) over, Kelly reminds Whitney it's time to "pimp" out her collection -- by shopping it around to all the major fashion editors. Of course, not before calling her parents with the good news!Meanwhile at ELLE, Joe Zee and his styling squad are pulling looks for an upcoming cover shoot with Taylor Swift. Remembering her (tentative) truce with Olivia, Erin comes in to congratulate Liv on nailing her first backstage interview -- and to find out whether she'll be doing more on-screen exclusives for Olivia tells Erin that Joe already has her working on her next project: coming up with a list of young designers to interview and showcase on the site.Back at People's Rev, a cute new photographer walks into Kelly's office -- and immediately catches Roxy's eye. Turns out his name is Zach, and, according to Kelly, he specializes in "guerrilla photography," including impromptu (and clothing-optional) photo shoots. When Kelly catches Roxy trying to eavesdrop and surprisingly invites her into the meeting and asks her to style Zach's next "balls-out PR" photo shoot for up-and-coming designer, Jeremy Scott. Her instructions? Test the boundaries as much as possible -- without letting Zach catch her au naturale.Later at the Point A showroom, Kelly gives Whitney some last-minute advice before her meeting with the fashion editors. According to Kelly, the key is learning how to pitch to each magazine's target demographic -- and holding the clothes away from her body, so they look picture perfect. Before everyone arrives, they check the press list one last time and notice that ELLE isn't one of the magazines sending someone to review the collection.Back at People's Rev, Roxy is also wondering why she never heard back from ELLE about Whitney's big meeting. Confused, she calls Olivia to follow up on an email she sent about the meeting -- but Olivia cuts her off, insisting that editor meetings aren't her department. Roxy keeps her cool, explaining that she reached out to Olivia because of her personal history with Whitney. In response, Olivia scolds Roxy for calling her at the last-minute yet begrudgingly agrees to go.Later, Roxy meets up with Zach to pick out pieces for their upcoming man-on-the-street-style photo shoot. Zach is impressed by Roxy's taste, praising her selections as "badass" and telling her he trusts her style. Although Roxy admits she's never done a photo shoot on the fly before, she tells Zach she's excited, explaining that she's been asking Kelly for more responsibility -- and considers this a huge break.Across town, editors from Seventeen, Life & Style, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour and Quest magazine show up to take a closer look at the Whitney Eve collection. After lots of pictures, questions and some talk of upcoming fashion features, everyone leaves...but before Whitney and Kelly can pack it in, Olivia makes a surprise appearance. True, she's not exactly friendly -- and she starts off by complaining about Roxy's lack of professionalism -- but when Olivia eventually leaves with a Look Book, Whitney and Kelly hope she'll decide to spread the word at ELLE.Meanwhile, Roxy unchains herself from her desk at People's Rev long enough to join Zach in the Meatpacking District for the Jeremy Scott shoot. Although the shoot's completely unconventional (they grabbed all their "models" off the street), Zach manages to walk away with some amazing pictures. In fact, everything is picture perfect ... until the very end, when Zach maybe, sorta asks Roxy out -- and she maybe, sorta responds by saying no.Back at ELLE, Erin wants to know what Olivia thought of her visit to Whitney's showroom. After a long hesitation, Olivia comes out with a lackluster review, telling Erin the collection was "inconsistent" and "all over the place," and shooting down her offer to add Whit to the list of emerging designers they'll be profiling for "I'm just gonna pass," Olivia tells a shocked-looking Erin (after Erin asks to see the Look Book). "And that's gonna be that."After finishing up at the showroom, Whitney catches up with Roxy at People's Rev. Roxy warns Whitney about Olivia's bitchy attitude on the phone -- but Whitney tries to stay positive telling Roxy that Olivia may still "get the word out." When the conversation turns to Zach, Roxy tells Whitney how he surprised her by asking her out -- but says she's not looking to get sidetracked from her career. While the girls are talking, Zach walks in, carrying the prints from their shoot. All three agree the pictures are amazing, and Whitney (teasingly) congratulates Roxy and Zach, telling them they make a "good pair."Meanwhile, over at ELLE, Joe Zee is introducing his editorial staff to Alexis Bryan Morgan, the mag's new fashion director. After congratulating everyone on an amazing Taylor Swift cover, he asks his staff to go around and say what they're working on. When it's Olivia's turn, she surprises Joe (and turns her back on Whitney) by telling him she still hasn't found any promising new designers to profile on A minute later, things get even more awkward when Erin recommends Whitney for a Rue La La feature on young designers!"Kate and I went through the Look Book and felt it was right for the magazine," Erin explains. When Kate agrees, Joe asks someone to pass him Whitney's Look Book -- and immediately agrees that she's got a lot of potential. He then asks Olivia to explain why she was so underwhelmed by Whit (she mumbles something about it being her first collection), then decides he doesn't care. "I love this, so let's just move forward," he says.Finally, Kelly calls Whitney and Roxy into her office -- and congratulates Roxy on doing an amazing job styling for Zach. Next, she tells Whitney that ELLE's decided to put her up for a feature of up-and-coming designers on Rue La La! Whitney wonders if Olivia had anything to do with her being chosen -- and Kelly reminds her "it pays to have friends in high places." Back at her desk, Whitney continues to celebrate -- until Roxy brings her back down to earth by reminding her that favors don't come cheap. If Olivia did go out on a limb for Whitney, what will she ask for in return?