Karma’s a Bitch

Season 20 Ep 310/20/2010

The Cutthroat house is all about the party. As Paula and Emily enjoy their embrace of drunken lesbianism, Laurel mixes Screwdrivers with her mouth and gets a little tipsy. When Big Easy strolls on over to the notorious hot tub, Laurel goes on a drunken rant, personally attacking Easy, calling him fat and ugly. With Laurel clearing out the hot tub and making the nicest guy in the house cry, it's shocking that she doesn't get along with more people in the house.At the third challenge, TJ announces the name of the game, Bed Head, a challenger where the contestants must have their whole team jump from bed to bed, something the challengers should be used to. The Red Team, led by King Brad and Queen Tori, fly through the challenge. But when it comes time for the Gray Team to bounce, the possible fall into the water below makes Shauvon flashback to her Thailand days and the agonizing pain of thinking that she popped her implant. And so she disqualifies her team and Sarah, her Thailand teammate, throws a fit. When it comes time for the Blue Team to have a go at it, everyone waits with eager eyes for little Katie to make the leap. And she almost does make the platform, she even grazes the other bed with her face, spinning into the water below and becoming the proud owner of two matching shiners.Back at the house, the Red Team celebrates their victory with dinner and drink as the Gray and Blue Teams deliberate to see who will face off in the Gulag. Shauvon volunteers herself for the Gulag but the decision comes as an offense to Big Easy and Vinny who regrettably hear their fate. However, their sour faces are nothing compared to the brewing storm that is Hurricane Katie when the battered babe is called into the Gulag by her team.So what does a Gulag bound chica do when she's sad? She drinks and picks fight, and does Katie ever. Like a Chiuaua yapping at a Great Dane Katie picks a fight with Ty, who, threatened by her intense frame, threatens to hit her. Katie goes ballistic and the only one who can calm her down, and restrain her, is Brandon, a challenger who knows what it feels like to be the scapegoat of his team.With all that's been going on in the house, the challengers are in need of a break, and Mother Nature gives them just that when the night's Gulag gets rained out. So to the local Prague bar is where the challengers go, and wherever the challengers go a fight follows. As everyone leaves the bar, Johnny gets in a fight with a local, ending in yet another black eye.Running back to the safety of the Gulag, the challengers are finally ready for the faceoff between their unwanted teammates. Vinny and Big Easy are the first to play Die Hard, and when a juiced up Vinny loses to Easy there's more bleeping than on a Jerry Springer reunion special. Next up is the pint sized Katie and the bodacious Shauvon, however, Shauvon's got a speech prepared and decides to quit the game in exchange for respect from her team. TJ does his signature speech against quitting and Katie gets to return to the Black & Blue Team.