Central Idol

Season 6 Ep 13

Singing is a passion for Nadia, but she's too shy to sing in front of people. Yet her goal is to win her school's talent contest called, Central Idol, based on the popular American Idol. She also wants to break the stereotype that Asians are smart, but can't sing.Nadia's coach is Seth, a Broadway pianist and conductor. Seth notes that Nadia has potential, but needs to overcome her shyness. Without warning, Seth makes Nadia sing for three people in the theater industry. They sense her lack of confidence. Back at school, Seth instructs Nadia to sing in front of her peers, but she's overcome with fear and breaks down in tears.Later, Nadia realizes that if she can cry in front of her peers, surely she can sing in front of them. Nadia gets tips from Shoshanna Bean -- lead actress of the Broadway play, Wicked. In Times Square, Nadia practices her sassy walk with Seth, and introduces herself as a "Sastress" -- a term coined by Seth.Finally, Nadia performs in the Central Idol talent show. She doesn't win, but has the best feeling of her life. Nadia has been MADE into a sassy, singing "Sasstress."

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