Season 4 Ep 111/3/08

To keep occupied while going to an engineer tech school in the city, JoJo begins an internship at Phat Farm to learn the family business. There, Uncle Russell makes JoJo work for wunderkind designer, Kevin Leong who ends up making JoJo's life miserable. And when Kevin's treatment toward JoJo becomes too much to take, JoJo complains to his Uncle Russell. Ultimately, JoJo learns that Uncle Russell was behind the treatment to teach him a lesson about giving and hard work. Meanwhile, when Rev gets overmatched by the Nintendo Wii he buys an old school arcade game to prove to Diggy and Russy he used to be the video king. But when the boys get addicted to the game Justine gets annoyed because it's starting to affect their schoolwork. She ends up laying down ground rules for when the boys and Rev can play the game. Also, happening in the house, Justine has an epiphany about her weight struggle and goes on a diet that works for her instead of Rev's overbearing point counting system.JoJo begins an internship at Phat Farm. Rev gets an old school video arcade game for the basement. Justine finds a diet that works for her.

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