The Belle Of Elle

Season 2 Ep 55/25/2010

The episode opens with good news: Kelly tells Whitney, while at People's Revolution, that Glamour has decided to do a story on her. So, what - a blurb? Nope, Whitney has earned herself a full page! Kelly says the magazine people are really into her skirts and have picked out two for the spread. Now she just has to go over there for a meeting and build out a page with other looks under $100 for the article. Kelly says she wants to send April with her because she thinks it will be "cool" for her to have "PR representation." But when Whitney suggests bringing Roxy along Kelly shuts her down saying that Roxy isn't very Glamour magazine. She adds, "On the Roxy thing, I've never been wrong."Over at ELLE Magazine, Joe walks out of his office and invites Olivia to a book party being held the next night by the fashion designer from "Gossip Girl." She accepts, and he asks Erin if she'd like to come as well, but she says she already has plans with a writer from Page Six. Too bad! He's off and says that he'll see them both at the fashion meeting.Meanwhile at Glamour Whitney meets with Madeline, the Market Editor for the magazine, Maria [an accessories editor] and Sasha, the Deputy Fashion Director. They explain the article idea and tell her she'll be picking out everything that goes on the page. It must contain one outfit and pieces must be under $100. She'll be in good company since past designers to appear in this spread include Michael Kors and Proenza Schouler. They ask Whitney if she designs everything on her own and she says that she does, but that she has a friend who helps her and asks if it's okay for Roxy to come with her when she picks out the items. They say that they're looking forward to meeting her.The next night begins at Henri Bendel where the Eric Daman book party is being hosted. Joe and Olivia hang with the author and Joe muses that Erin is missing a fun night. Olivia replies that you "do what you have to do."Uptown, Erin is meeting with Page Six writer Neel Shah at Fishtail. Neel asks Erin what she thinks of the new fashion director at ELLE, Alexis. Erin says that they "couldn't have asked for anyone better" and that she's "such a good addition." He asks what's new around the office and she tells him that they are doing a new "young designer boutique" online and that they got Whitney Port to showcase Whitney & Eve. She goes on to tell him that Olivia refused to show up because she "didn't want to be affiliated with Whitney's line." She tells him she ended up having to do Olivia's job -- interviewing Whitney for Neel says, "that would be an amazing story, actually."Back at ELLE the next day, Seth [Robbie's assistant] marvels with Olivia that she was able to walk up and talk to whomever she wanted at the party the night before. She laughs it off and heads over to the accessories closet. Robbie sits down with Erin and tells her that she really missed out on a good party. He tells Erin that Olivia was immediately mingling with the stars of "Gossip Girl" and wonders aloud "how she meets these people." Erin says that she probably goes to a lot of parties but Seth doesn't understand how someone like Leighton Meester would "care to talk to her." Erin says that she doesn't care what Olivia does outside of the office, as long as she gets her work done. When Seth asks if she does in fact get the work done, Erin doesn't really have an answer.Later, Olivia goes to drop off some pages of the magazine for Joe and he invites her to a party at Bergdorf's for Elie Tahari on the condition that she wear Tahari. She happily agrees.Over at Pret, Whitney and Roxy grab sandwiches and talk about the event at Bergdorf and how it might be good for Whitney to work on getting her stuff in the store again. They head back out onto the NYC streets and Whitney tells Roxy about her offer for the Nice Price Page in Glamour. She adds that Kelly wasn't keen on Whitney bringing Roxy along for the ride, yet assures her she wants her there. Roxy says it isn't worth arguing with Kelly, but she definitely wants to be there.Later at Bergdorf, Joe greets Elie Tahari and Linda Fargo [SVP of the Fashion Office at Bergdorf] at their event. Whitney is there, too, and tells her friend Samantha that she wants to go and talk to Linda but isn't sure what to say. Samantha assures her she will remember Whitney and that it will go better this time because she "has a name for herself now." Olivia walks in and greets Linda and Elie, and Whitney marvels from across the room at how Olivia knows everyone. Whitney calls her an "ass kiss" and wonders if these people "actually like her or just put up with her." She reflects that it seems like Olivia tries to always "nudge her way in, somehow."Ginny Hershey-Lambert, the SVP GMM of Women's at Bergdorf, comes over and says hello to Whitney. She asks Whitney what she is up to and Whitney says she is finishing up her fall collection and points out the outfit she is wearing. She thanks Ginny for "helping so much last time" and Ginny says to give her a buzz and "let me know when you want to get together and show it" because she thinks what Whitney has on is "super cute."Neel walks over to Olivia and Joe and asks how things are going at the magazine, specifically with Erin. Olivia says that they hardly work together, since Erin is in PR and she is on the editorial side. Joe reveals that ELLE is prepping for their 25th anniversary. Neel asks Olivia point blank what she has been doing for She says that she has been trying "to find some new designers." Joe jumps in and says that Olivia has been a great asset to the magazine because she knows so many people in NYC and it's important to know what's going on. After Neel says his goodbye, Joe muses to Olivia that he thinks Neel might have a crush on her!Across the room, Whitney gets a text from Roxy that she isn't going to attend the event that night. Samantha replies that she "better not do that tomorrow."At Glamour the next day, Whitney lays the skirt that has been handpicked for an article. She has trouble making decisions, and the Glamour girls wonder where Roxy is. Soon Roxy shows up and apologizes for running late. Whitney shows Roxy what she is working on, and Roxy suggests that she try and do something a little more "unexpected." Whitney asks where she was, but Roxy says she was getting there as fast as she could, "dodging people" on the streets.When Sasha comes in to check out what the ladies have done, Whitney shows her the first outfit she worked on [before Roxy showed up] and explains that she was trying to capture a "girlie, party girl situation." She also shows her the second look, "which Roxy helped style," which is a lot "funkier and edgier." Roxy steps in and describes the look she helped with as "ballerina gone punk rock gone a little hooker, but in a good way." Sasha isn't so sure about the girl that they're describing, but Whitney feels good about their options and Sasha seems agreeable enough.Back at ELLE magazine editors gather in Joe's office for a meeting where he says that this week has been a "busy, social and active week for us." Joe pulls out Page Six, and congratulates Erin on getting a story about the magazine's new fashion director into the press.Over at People's Revolution, Kelly calls Roxy and Whitney into her office. She tells them that she spoke to Sasha and they'd decided to go with the original, more girly look that Whitney created. Whitney is happy and begins to mention the other look before Kelly cuts her off and asks if that is the "hooker" look she had heard about. She tells Roxy that as an assistant to Whitney, it isn't her place to speak out -- especially to say such things and at a magazine as girly as Glamour. She goes on to tell Roxy that it's fine to be a "freak" in this industry, as opposed to a follower, but you "pay the price." Kelly dismisses Roxy from the meeting and tells Whitney one-on-one that she warned her that she wouldn't be wrong that it was a mistake to take Roxy to Glamour. Whitney agrees, and asserts that she "isn't helping her by doing this."Back out at their computers, Whitney tells Roxy she was happy with the looks but she agrees that Roxy may have stepped outside of her boundaries and that she just doesn't want to compromise her relationship with Glamour. Roxy responds that she doesn't feel like they're at a place where she has to "apologize and act like that's not who I am."