Hell Hath No Fury

Season 20 Ep 711/17/2010

It's Dunbar's birthday and the challengers throw him a surprise party complete with streamers, balloons, hot tub pillow fight and topless wrestling match. When the festivities die down, the challengers remember that they're in a competition and secret alliance Laurel and Sarah plot to get Cara Maria off their team.At the Gimme A Hand challenge, the challengers must pair up and tight rope walk across two buildings... while tied together. Simple right? Not so much for the Red Team, when after Paula and Dunbar fall, Tori and Brad forfeit their turn to save face. With her team in the loser's seat, Camila knows she will be going into the Gulag, but who will join her? When the Grey Team is up Cara Maria conquers her fear of heights with a Tarzan-like Abe, Laurel and Sarah alliance their way across the rope but when it comes time for the Danimal and Luke to cross they fall flat, sending the Grey Team into deliberations.When it comes time for the Grey Team to deliberate, Laurel goes up in arms when Abe throws her name on the table. Laurel seems to think that Abe's decision to send her in instead of Cara Maria has something to do with their relationship, which Abe fervently denies to her face but confirms in the confessional. When the votes have been cast TJ reveals that the only person on the Red Team to not get votes was Paula aka the person that failed the challenge. The Red Team sends in birthday boy Dunbar and Gulag Champ Camilia. They Grey Team honors Dan's wishes to be sent in and kicking and screaming Laurel is sent in to face the pint-sized Brazilian.At the Gulag the contestants find out they will be playing Die Hard, a game that levels the playing field. When Dan and Dunbar face off the Animal is sent home by Dummy Bear, but he's sent home with congratulations from the challengers for making it through sober. Up next is the David and Goliath-like matchup between Laurel and Camila. With the closest Gulag game yet, Laurel wins by one turn of her dice and sends the feisty Brazilian home.