Weight a Minute

Season 3 Ep 34/23/07

Diggy's classmates gawk at his dad's luxury Phantom Rolls Royce at the bus stop. Diggy dislikes the attention from his peers and argues that he shouldn't be picked up in a "half a million dollar car."Angela tries on a pair of jeans that should be loose are too tight. She tells Vanessa that she wants to lose 15-20 pounds, feeling she looks like "Oompa loompa." At home Vanessa reveals Angela's drastic weight loss plan to the family. They all react that it's too much to lose. Justine suggests calling Kacy Duke, the personal trainer she used, but Run immediately objects, "she's too expensive."While grocery shopping, Angela argues in favor of her choice of diet food. Vanessa suggests that Angela ditches diet-labeled foods in favor of exercise and healthier eating. But Angela argues, "This is how I'm gonna do it."Rev Run shops for something to embarrass Diggy at a costume store when he stumbles upon a Run DMC-styled costume, but also finds the perfect costume to teach Diggy a lesson about embarrassment.Back at the bus stop, Diggy and his friends are in for a shock when they see Run waiting for him in a gorilla suit! Diggy's so humiliated that he starts walking home, and admits he's embarrassed. Run agrees that Diggy should be embarrassed by the costume, not the car.At the gym, when Vanessa pushes too hard, Angela yells, "Shut up!" Vanessa encourages more, "Take your anger out on me." After Angela feels she's lost enough weight for the day, she leaves Vanessa to sweat alone.Run taunts Diggy as he rebelliously walks home from the bus stop by driving next to him in the gorilla suit. At home, Justine agrees that the gorilla suit is a little too embarrassing. Later, Run seeks advice from his brother Russell about Diggy, but Russell seems to side with Diggy who he calls, "A smart kid" for not wanting to show his affluence.In the Simmons' living room, Vanessa insists that Angela should get nutritional advice from Kacy Duke because she trained Denzel Washington. Rev Run suggests a more affordable "Vicki from off the corner."Later, Kacy arrives and lets Angela know that she has a great body, needs to eat well and shift her body image. Vanessa's 'I told you so' lends way to Angela's response, "I just needed to hear it from somebody who knows what they're talking about." As Kacy gives advice, Run thinks dollars, and urges Kacy to exit, "You GO girl!"Outside, Run apologizes to Diggy for the gorilla costume, but emphasizes that the fancy cars should not embarrass him. Back in the kitchen, Angela shares her new eating regimen with the family.That night, Run and Justine discuss how grateful they are that Kacy talked Angela into a healthy weight loss regimen. Then Run breaks out into a song, "I'm too sexy for my shirt." Justine laughs."Do you ever wish your loved ones saw things the way you do? If so, then you should take a moment and see life through their eyes. A person's perspective comes from their inner-self. They are all unique and beautiful in their own special way. Accept them, don't reject them, and you'll find it easier to love others as they are. God is love." Rev Run.

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