Girly Girl

Season 6 Ep 2

Sam has never been approached by a guy and doesn't have girlfriends to share her feelings with. She's known for farting and other grotesque antics--not for being feminine. Her goal is to have girlfriends and go to the prom with the man of her dreams.Sam's coach is Rosalie, a beautiful actress and pageant winner. Rosalie insists on referring to Sam as "Samantha," and gives her a necklace with her full name on it to begin her first step to shedding her tomboy persona.A lady must have proper table manners, so Samantha meets with the Duchess for lunch. However, burping and chewing with her mouth open isn't lady-like so the Duchess notes that they have a lot of work to do. After more practice, Samantha meets the etiquette standards and earns a graduation certificate.The night before school, Rosalie selected the only feminine sweater in Samantha's closet for her to wear. Suspecting that she'd ditch the outfit, Rosalie pays Samantha a surprise visit at school. Sure enough, Samantha has her regular tomboy clothes on. The consequences are that she has to wear an alternative outfit that Rosalie brought with her. This doesn't go over well.Samantha becomes emotionally upset, fearful of being seen in the girly clothes, and feeling that Rosalie is imposing her beauty standards upon her. After a long chat with her parents and Rosalie, Samantha realizes that the change is not to mimic Rosalie, but to accentuate her own qualities. From then on, Samantha and Rosalie work more harmoniously together.Wearing makeup without confidence doesn't make a difference, so Rosalie tries to boost Samantha's confidence with a total makeover including nice, new clothes. This drastic change gets the attention of Samantha's peers and a nice hockey player named Eric who asks her to the prom. After accepting, the baseball player that Samantha calls, "hot Eric," asks her out. Sam discusses her boy dilemma with her new-found girlfriends, resulting in letting hockey playing Eric down easy and choosing to go to the prom with "hot" Eric.On prom night, Samantha looks smashing! She walks down the stairs toward Eric, Rosalie and family who all stand in emotional awe at her transformation. As she wished, Samantha attends the prom with the man of her dreams. She has been MADE!

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