Hip Hop Dancer

Season 9 Ep 3212/6/2008

Meet Tanner. He's a 17-year-old 50's fanatic, who's got no swagger and even less game. Now this goodie-goodie wants to change his rep by being MADE into an illin', chillin', lady killin', hip hop dancer. Will Tanner find his inner gangsta? Does he have what it takes to step up his game? Or will he lose his nerve and lose his one chance of being cool?Tanner is a small town boy from Newark, Ohio and his hobbies are reading Rachel Ray cookbooks, collecting rocks, and listening to his jiving' 50's CD collection. Now he wants to change all that by putting the 50's behind and stepping into the 21st century.While sleeping, Tanner is awakened by a "scary" hip hop dancer, who introduces herself as his new MADE coach, Kamilah. She has competed on So You Think You Can Dance and even boogied down with Prince and LL Cool J.Later that day, Kamilah comes to Tanner's school and talks to him about what it takes to become a hip hop dancer. Tanner is a little freaked out because Kamilah follows him wherever he goes, and even runs with him during a cross country meet!Tanner's first assignment is to go shopping for hip hop clothes. He asks random people at his school to come with him to help him put together his new look . But he's not completely sold on the idea of going from preppy to baggy, and feels a little "trashy".At his first dance practice, Tanner learns the basic steps of hip hop dancing. After he fumbles through a rough practice, Kamilah decides to take him to a club. She encourages him to wear his new hip-hop and air force clothes, but Tanner feels totally out of place when he gets to the club. Kamilah isn't surprised that shy Tanner is taking so long to break out of his shell.Tanner dreams of taking Alex to the homecoming dance. But when he finally finds the courage to ask her, she tells him she's going with someone else. Now, not only is Tanner disappointed for not asking Alex sooner, he's also exhausted from cross country and dancing, and feels overwhelmed.The next day, Tanner gets a surprise package at school: a DVD of Hip Hop Legends, a fitted hat, and a letter from Kamilah. The letter says he is going to New York City! When he arrives in New York, he meets a mysterious friend of Kamilah's, Teyana Taylor. She's a singer and dancer, and would take him on a tour of her recording and dance studio.Kamil takes Tanner to Icon Dance Complex to meet Geo and his crew, who were finalists on America's Best Dance Crew. He is inspired by their dance routine and wishes he could be just as good.During his last day in New York City, Kamil brings Tanner to 106th & Park. Tanner is called out, and he gets down while performing on stage. After the show, people from the audience congratulate him and gave him the nickname "T-Smooth."When Tanner gets back to Ohio, he returns as a new Tanner, a Tanner with swag. After finishing his last race for cross country, he feels like he has finally found his stride. He also knows that he needs to get the steps down for the talent show he is about to compete in, and it's coming up fast!Tanner starts to sport his new hip hop look at school and everyone seems to approve. He even packs up the childhood things in his room. Now that he's got his new look and attitude, he feels 100% ready for the talent show.Before the show, Kamil wants to wish Tanner good luck. Tanner also gets a surprise visit from Teyana Taylor, who flew in just to see him. Now that his 'boo' is with him, he is excited to go out there and give it his all.When it's Tanner's turn on stage, he performs his routine and steals the show. The crowd goes wild, his parents are very proud of him, and his classmates now respect him. Hip hop helped him find confidence and even gave him courage to ask Alex out on a date.

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