Season 2 Ep 12/16/2010

Jenelle is a surfer girl from Oak Island, North Carolina. She usually spends her summer days on the beach with friends, unless her long distance boyfriend, Andrew, is visiting, who she's been with for three years. Jenelle will have to take a break from partying and surfing now that she's pregnant. Her tumultuous relationship with her mother, lack of support from Andrew, and her desire to remain a teen make for a wild pregnancy.Ever since Jenelle found out she was pregnant, she has been at constant battle with her mom, Barbara, who thinks Jenelle has more than a little growing up to do and is less than happy with her boyfriend, Andrew. Barbara constantly points out that Andrew doesn't have a job, a car, or any means to support Jenelle and their baby but Jenelle always comes to the defense claiming it's not about money, it's about love and emotional support.When Jenelle's baby shower rolls around, Andrew is nowhere to be found. Despite Barbara's pleas for Jenelle to stay home and rest, she escapes for a night out with her friends to take her mind off of Andrew. Her mind isn't clear for long and she finds herself calling him. Big mistake. Andrew hates when she goes out with her friends and spends the entire phone call yelling at her and calling her names. Jenelle's future with Andrew is starting to look bleak.Jenelle's water breaks early and she's rushed to the hospital... it's finally time to meet the baby! She hasn't spoken to Andrew since their fight but still wants him to be with her for the birth. Jenelle is in labor for 12 hours and finally gives birth to Jace on August 6, 2009 and he weighs 6 lbs. 4oz. After meeting his son, Andrew promises to get a job but actions speak louder than words.Jenelle had no idea how hard it is to take care of a newborn but thankfully she has her mom to help. Andrew calls for the first time in three weeks to tell her he was in jail because of DUI charges. How can she start a family with an alcoholic that still lives with his parents? After discussing her relationship problems with her mom and friends, Jenelle decides that she has had enough of Andrew. She calls him, they both agree it's not working, and decide their relationship is over.Jenelle starts to miss her old life so she goes out with her friends and leaves Jace with her mom. She starts to go out every night but her mom needs Jenelle to start taking responsibility for Jace. Barbara tries to talk some sense into Jenelle but it only leads to a fight.Jenelle's friends, Lauren and Amber, come over to visit her for the first time in a few weeks. They've heard that she's going out a lot and are concerned for her and Jace. Jenelle defends herself by claiming she's just making time for herself but they insist she needs to straighten up and prove to everyone that she can be a good mom.Jenelle starts spending more time with Jace but still refers to motherhood as being in prison. She starts to appreciate all that her mom has done for her and Jace and sits down to have a talk with her about taking care of Jace until she becomes "established." She plans to graduate from high school, get a job, and start her life with Jace.Jenelle admits she thought motherhood would be a day in the park, but realized it's like taking care of two of you. She wishes she had waited to get pregnant later in life and regrets having a child with the wrong guy. She has learned a lot and hopefully becomes responsible enough to take care of Jace.