Mother Smother

Season 6 Ep 77/6/2009

Everyone in the family would agree that Justine is the best mother in the world. And everyone would also agree that she can be a little too hands-on! When Diggy's idol Pharrell calls him via iChat, Jus talks to him instead -- and asks him to talk to Diggy about really buckling down in school. When Diggy iChats with Pharrell later, he's mortified to find out Mommy told Pharrell about his bad grades. And Russy gets upset with Jus for trying to pry into his love life as well as continuing to treat him like a little kid. As for Angela and Vanessa, they miss Mom's smothering and thinks that once the boys grow up they'll understand that Mom was only looking out for them. Meanwhile, a shopping spree between JoJo and Rev turns into a love fest when Rev gets choked up by JoJo spending quality time with him. In return, Rev takes JoJo to the DJ Whoo Kid show on Sirius satellite radio where JoJo spits some freestyle, impressing his old man.