Sweet 16 Aaron

Season 3 Ep 3024/21/2006

Aaron is the son of celebrity parents. His father is the famous music producer L.A. Reid, who also runs Island/Def Jam music. His mother is the singer known as Pebbles. With stars as parents, Aaron wants to feel like a star himself, so his theme is Young and Hot.An anxious crowd hangs out awaiting Aaron's arrival with party invites. The 3-D party invitations with a silhouette of Aaron are impressive. But what's inside shocks everyone -- mp3 players! All of Aaron's friends are excited.The party wouldn't be complete without a hot performer, so Aaron calls Kanye West...yes, Kanye West. Unfortunately, Kanye tells Aaron that he can't make it. Aaron's disappointed, but he has to move foward and prepare for his party.At Jay-Z's club where his bash takes place, Aaron makes a celebrity-style entrance, escorted by two beautiful ladies. On a video screen, rapper Nas and singer Mariah Carey give Aaron birthday shout-outs. At the party are major celebrities like hit producer Jermaine Dupri, who DJs the event, and Aaron's "uncle" Diddy.As if things could get more exciting, Aaron's father sets him up for an unexpected surprise. Kanye West steps on stage rockin' one of his major hits! Sure, Aaron parents are celebrities, but at his Sweet 16, Aaron was the main star.