Hip Hop Dancer

Season 8 Ep 212/16/2008

Meet Hallie, a self-conscious, nerdy girl who's lost in a sea of Southern belles at a preppy, wealthy high school in South Carolina. It's Hallie's senior year and she's finally realized her awkward damsel in distress act just isn't cutting it, so she decides to shed her old rep and be MADE into a hip-hop dance diva. But with only has six weeks, will having no rhythm and crumbling confidence be a recipe for disaster? Can Hallie turn her clumsy stagger into a confident swagger in time for the high school talent show?Time to bring in the MADE coach, who'll have all the moves that Hallie needs to succeed. During a standard night of studying at home, the doorbell rings and Hallie is greeted by an anonymous package on the doorstep. Inside, she discovers a pair of snazzy pink sneakers with a note attached, instructing her to be at the dance studio in 15 minutes. Hallie tears herself away from her books to go to her first dance class, where she meets MADE coach CiCi Kelley, who has appeared in videos by LL Cool J, Beyoncé and OutKast.Hallie shows up late to the studio, so CiCi brings her front and center to show off her embarrassing lack of hip-hop talent. As if that's not bad enough, CiCi reminds Hallie that the auditions for the talent show are in just one week!Since Hallie has such a short time to teach her two left feet a dance routine, MADE coach CiCi Kelley surprises Hallie at home the next morning to start their work. What was supposed to be a relaxing Saturday is now a grueling workout with another coach, Matt. This no-nonsense coach is not only Hallie's new trainer, but also a drill sergeant in the army! He makes Hallie run, do push-ups and lift weights until her non-existent muscles can't take it anymore.Later, back in the dance studio, Hallie attempts to muster up some moves to DJ Unk's "Walk It Out." But her steps don't even come close to matching CiCi's, so she's challenged to practice the routine for the rest of the day throughout the halls of her high school. Hallie refuses, tearfully fleeing from the building and CiCi's bizarre request.With only one day left until the audition, Hallie hasn't eaten, slept or even improved much. During practice, the pressure proves to be too much and Hallie has a meltdown. Even though she's been busting her butt learning how to bust a move, the only thing moving right now seems to be the room that's spinning around her.The day of the audition, Hallie and CiCi aren't feeling very confident. But even though Hallie's timing and technique are lacking, the judges see potential with her energy and positive vibe during her otherwise disastrous routine.While the judges deliberate, MADE coach CiCi Kelley decides Hallie's rhythm needs to be fixed ASAP. CiCi brings Hallie to an African drum circle class, where Hallie works on beating out a rhythm on a drum and then is challenged to dance. Although her awkwardness makes an appearance, Hallie eventually loosens up and dances freestyle, finally finding her rhythm.Finally, audition results are announced: Hallie made the cut! She calls CiCi with the good news, and CiCi tells her she still has a lot of work to do. To help her get into the groove, CiCi takes Hallie to Atlanta for the weekend. In Atlanta, another surprise is in store for Hallie -- DJ Unk himself meets Hallie to give her personal hip-hop pointers on how to "Walk It Out."Despite the excitement of her time in Atlanta, the mini-vacation has made Hallie lazy. When she sees her physical trainer, she freaks out when he pushes her to run harder and threatens to quit. CiCi does even more damage to Hallie's tired feet by introducing her to heels and telling her to wear them to school.Later, in the dance studio, CiCi gets frustrated with Hallie's can't-do attitude and calls in Miss Dale, the studio director, for reinforcement. Miss Dale videotapes Hallie and Cici dancing side by side so Hallie can compare the differences and see what she has to work on before the big talent show. But Hallie prefers partying over practicing, and as the talent show approaches, she realizes she hasn't even thought about a single step.After taking a week off from practice, Hallie's faced with going back into the dance studio without having practiced. She hopes she can fool MADE coach CiCi Kelley, who's excited to see her progress. But when CiCi starts the music, the only thing Hallie can do is awkwardly fumble through the routine. Before she even finishes, CiCi walks out. Hallie realizes her bad attitude has caused her to hit rock bottom.After seeking advice from her mother, Hallie becomes a dancing machine. Three days later, she feels confident enough to make things right with CiCi. They meet at the studio and CiCi finally sees Hallie's confidence and energy.As a reward for Hallie's hard work and positive attitude, the girls go shopping for clothes to rock on and off the stage. Hallie replaces her nerdy glasses with contacts and, as a final touch, dyes her hair blonde. The next day at school, Hallie causes big scene when her friends and classmates barely recognize her!The talent show is here, and Hallie's ready to take command of the stage and make CiCi proud. Before the show, CiCi comes to Hallie's house with a bag full of finishing touches that'll really make Hallie look like a fierce rapper.With her new clothes, jewelry, 'do and 'tude, Hallie confidently walks onto the stage in front of a crowded auditorium. Even though she admits to being totally out of her comfort zone, Hallie gives a whirlwind performance, hitting all the steps and really finding her rhythm. As she's leaving the stage with a huge smile and a cheering crowd, CiCi sends out a final surprise. DJ Unk joins Hallie onstage, where the two hip-hoppers dance to "Walk It Out" and celebrate Hallie's success. Being MADE into a hip-hop dance diva sure paid off!