Stars Dancer

Season 9 Ep 76/14/2008

Leighann is tired of being another no-name freshman in the halls of Texas' West Brook High School. Being a major klutz, she has a hard time fitting in with a crowd that's all about sports and school spirit. But if she could land a spot the school's drill team, The Stars, all that would change. The Stars girls have it all: popularity, looks and, of course, skills. From their hair and makeup to their cute outfits, these girls are everything Leighann wants to be. That's why she wants to be MADE into a dancing diva.When Leighann tells her friends about the plan, they aren't exactly supportive, worrying more about their hang-out schedule than Leighann's aspirations. At home, it's a similar story. Leighann's mom and brother both doubt she has what it takes to succeed.In gym class the next week, Leighann notices something fishy about her substitute teacher. Her suspicions are confirmed when the sub rips off her jacket and calls in a group of girls who get down to Flo Rida's "Low." Meet Marilu Harmon, Leighann's MADE coach and director of the MLS Houston Dynamo girls.Leighann is horrified when Marilu asks her to dance in front of the class, but she busts a move anyway. Unimpressed by what she sees, MADE coach Marilu realizes she has a huge task to tackle. As the two speak about the weeks to come, Marilu stresses the high level of commitment she expects from Leighann, then takes Leighann to officially sign up for The Stars audition. No turning back now!Leighann embarks on her journey with a dance lesson early the next morning. Despite her enthusiasm, she has trouble keeping up and almost passes out. But MADE coach Marilu shows no mercy, telling Leighann to perform a short routine in front of her classmates. Leighann practices all weekend with one of her friends, but still seems unprepared.In class, Leighann's clumsy routine entertains the students, but not Marilu, who is spying outside of the classroom. Upset that Leighann doesn't appear to be giving 100%, Marilu lets Leighann know that there's still a lot of work to do.That afternoon, Leighann meets Krysten, her personal trainer. Leighann works hard during a fitness test, but the less-than-stellar results leave Krysten concerned that the budding dancer has underestimated the challenge ahead.Leighann's next assignment is to sit and socialize with The Stars during lunch. As nerve-racking as sitting with a new group can be, things get even scarier when the girls tell Leighann about some of the not-so-glamorous aspects of being a Star. Meanwhile, Leighann's friends are upset that she doesn't have time to sit with them anymore.Just as Leighann is really starting to feel overwhelmed, she gets a call from MADE coach Marilu, who tells her that they will be traveling to Houston for the weekend to meet the Dynamo girls. Just the sort of relaxing vacation Leighann needs, right?Once there, Leighann shows the Dynamo girls her routine and gets some harsh but helpful criticism. She then gets the chance to practice with the team, and comes face-to-face with the difference between their level and hers.The next day, Leighann meets Derek, a drill team coach who helps her with high kicks. Every time Leighann can't kick high enough, Derek makes her do 10 pushups as she repeats the word "Stars." The pressure eventually becomes too much for her to bear, and she starts to cry. Seeing this, the unsympathetic Derek gives Leighann a reality check, informing her that the only glorious things about dancing are the makeup and costumes; everything else is blood, sweat and tears.Leighann's next assignment is a little more glamorous. In fact, glamour is the name of the game. Marilu challenges Leighann to ditch the hoodies and go to school dressed up like one of The Stars, hair down and all. Then, she gives Leighann a pink pouch full of makeup and instructs her to use every last item, including a mysterious pair of tweezers. What could they be for?As if a 4 a.m. wake-up call isn't painful enough, Leighann also finds that her new high heels are giving her blisters. But she'll have no time to rest her feet as she has a dance lesson after school. When Leighann's performance at practice isn't up to par, MADE coach Marilu reminds her that she won't succeed unless she really practices hard at home every day.Seemingly revitalized, Leighann goes home to practice. However, she soon finds herself bored and frustrated. And Leighann's friends have some frustration of their own; Leighann has broken her promise to keep hanging out with them while getting MADE.At their next lesson, Marilu expects Leighann to have everything down pat. Unfortunately, Leighann's lackluster practicing at home has caught up with her, and she completely bombs. Thinking she's wasting her time, Marilu walks out, telling Leighann to call her when she's ready to prove her commitment. Leighann calls Marilu after only 10 minutes and asks her to come back, but Marilu refuses.After a heart-to-heart talk with her mom, Leighann realizes her mistakes and decides to really give dancing her all. She works out hard, practices like a maniac and then calls MADE coach Marilu to patch things up. Marilu schedules a meeting for that same evening, and Leighann shows off her perfected dance routine.?Extremely impressed, Marilu rewards Leighann's hard work with a makeover.At school the next day, Leighann's new hair and clothes are a smashing success. Everything seems to be coming up Leighann when she gets one more surprise, a private lesson with pop sensation Kat DeLuna!The night before The Stars tryouts, a nervous Leighann gets some words of encouragement from her mother. Unfortunately, all of her hard work doesn't change the fact that there are 60 girls gunning for 20 spots. Leighann has four days to learn a new routine, and the coach lets everyone know there are no do-overs if they mess up.When the moment of truth arrives, MADE coach Marilu anxiously peeps through a crack in the audition room window. Things seem to have gone well, but when the list goes up, Leighann is crushed to find that her name is absent. Marilu consoles her, insisting that she has accomplished a lot in a short time.Although disappointed, Leighann realizes she doesn't have to be on the team to be a happy, confident person. She didn't get MADE into a Star, but she feels like one anyway.