Swat the Hell?

Season 20 Ep 410/27/2010

Love is in the air at the Cutthroat house; while Abe and Cara Maria partake is some eccentric extra-curricular activities, Luke's crushing hard on the feisty Brazilian Camila. Too bad for Luke, Camila only has eyes for bad-boy Johnny Bananas.At the challenge, the competitors must run an obstacle course on a horse track while pushing, pulling and fighting one another, sounds like a day at the races. But when the competition gets a little too rough and Cara finds herself in a Big Easy chokehold, Abe is her knight in shining armor, saving her from Big Easy's clutches. With the girls making it through the challenge easily and the boys fighting one another, poor Ty gets left behind and is the last person to finish. Is Ty the Hercules his team hoped for or just another disappointing let down?At Gulag deliberations, Ayiiia calls out Cara for crying during the challenge, though it's rookie Ayiiia who gets thrown into the Gulag. Itching for some one on one time, Luke throws himself in, perhaps to win the heart of his beloved Camila? Over at Blue Team deliberations, Katie volunteers to go in for a second time to prove herself to her team since Shauvon so easily handed the last Gulag to Katie. For the boys, the decision was not so easy, when the team reaches a deadlock between Ty and Big Easy with the prospect of TJ allowing Luke to pick any Blue Team guy, the Blue Team unifies and sends Big Easy into the Gulag again.With Camila feeling alienated from her team, she runs to the comforting yet conniving arms of Johnny, but when Brad gets wind of their relationship he runs to Queen Tori and the Red Team talk strategy. Can they trust Camila if she's in cahoots with Johnny?That night, the challengers walk into the Gulag to see a torture table set up, complete with two iron collars. TJ explains that the Gulag contestants will be strapped into the contraption and have a slap off to the death. Well not exactly to the death, but until someone cries owe. When Ayiiia and Katie get a little too slap happy they can't stop laughing. But when Katie comes out victorious, Ayiiia's the one with red on her face. Next up is the boys and when they take the slapping a little more seriously the pain shows. When Luke ends Big Easy's Cutthroat career he returns to his team and hopefully into the heart of Camila.