Season 4 Ep 131/10/2008

Every family has its pecking order and being the youngest sure has its drawbacks: like getting picked on, which makes Russy the target of his brothers and sisters annoyance. And for Russy, who has always had issues controlling his anger, the torment provided by his older siblings proves to be a tough thing for him to handle. But thanks to a talk with Dad, who is also the youngest of his family, Russy learns a fool-proof technique that will keep his annoying brothers and sisters from continuing to bother him. Meantime, Rev gets pressure from Uncle Russell to invest in his newest business venture, "global Grind,' a customized web browser that's targeted to the hip-hop community. Rev is reluctant to part with such a large sum of money to invest, making his brother Russell go hard, accusing Rev of spending his money frivolously. But after a talk with the mini-mogul himself, Russy, and his wife Justine, Rev decides that investing is a good idea and ponies up an amount he's comfortable with.

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