I Always Had A Little Crush

Season 5 Ep 5054/27/2009

Arriving at the airport in Oahu, Hawaii, Lauren, Audrina, Lo, and Stephanie laugh about how mad the guys will be once they discover the girls have crashed the boys-only weekend. When they arrive at the resort, the guys are surprised to see them, but all's well when someone suggests having a group shot.As the girls lay out on the beach watching the guys surf, Stephanie turns to Audrina and asks, "Are you checking out Brody?" Audrina laughs, and then Stephanie goes on to ask about Justin. Audrina tells her that he texted her that morning, and explains that they have a hate-love relationship... that's not even a relationship. Stephanie begins to tell Audrina that she can't keep waiting around for Justin, but Audrina firmly states that she's not.In LA, as Heidi and Spencer browse the selection at Barnes & Noble, Heidi mentions that Colby, her ex-boyfriend, is coming to town and wants the pair to have dinner with him. Spencer gives her a hard time about it and jokes about Colby going to "Bible College," but Heidi insists that meeting Colby will be good for him.Back at the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii, everybody is relaxing in the hot tub when Stephanie asks, "Who's single here?" She focuses on Audrina, asking if Justin is at least on the side, but Brody steps in and explains that if she meets a guy who blows Justin away, she will absolutely go for that guy.At the XIV Restaurant in Hollywood, Spencer continues to give Heidi a hard time, stating that he only agreed to meet Colby for dinner because Colby is a virgin and therefore Heidi and he have only gone to first base. Colby and his girlfriend, Ashley, arrive and introductions are made. When Ashley comments on how different Heidi looks after having seen pictures Colby's mom showed her, Heidi abruptly changes the conversation to drinks. Spencer suggests Patron Platinum, but Colby and Ashley both agree to have water, pointing out that neither of them drink. Spencer goes on to ask about their hotel, asking if the room is nice and big, but Colby and Ashley tell him that they have two rooms and explain that they were raised not to do certain things. Spencer then invites Colby to hit the gym with him tomorrow and go boxing, adding, "I know you've got some aggression to get out."In their room at the Turtle Bay Resort, Stephanie announces that she thinks Brody is pissed, but Lauren assures her that the guys wouldn't be going to dinner with them if they were angry. While Audrina and Stephanie are in the bathroom doing their hair and makeup, Stephanie brings up Brody. Audrina says there's always been an attraction but they've just never gone there, causing Stephanie to ask, "You're gonna hook up with Brody, aren't you?" Audrina says no, but is not entirely sure why, and then Stephanie suggests that she do it to get Justin back.The next day, Spencer and Colby meet at the Spectrum Fitness Club to work out. Spencer is still baffled by the fact that Colby is a virgin, and Colby tries to explain his lifestyle and beliefs. He points out that where he goes to school, everyone is religious and they have all maintained their virginity. Spencer comments, "You are just a trip to me, you're like hanging out with an alien from another planet."At dinner, Lauren laughs while toasting to the best guys trip ever. Everyone seems to notice some flirtation going on between Audrina and Brody, and Doug calls out, "You guys should just get a room already!" After a pause, Audrina shrugs and admits, "I'm not gonna lie, I've always had a little crush."At Heidi and Spencer's apartment, Spencer and Heidi sit down with Colby and Ashley to have a Bible study session. Colby starts off by showing Spencer the verse in the Bible that states you can't have sex until marriage. When Spencer starts texting and stops listening, Heidi gives a deep sigh to get his attention. Ashley says, "Just think how nice life would be if everybody just loved each other and listened." Spencer answers irritably, "So, an imaginary world."That night in Hawaii, the guys tease Brody about the fact that Audrina is into him and he's not doing anything about it. Brody explains that he likes Audrina but they are just friends, and he has a girlfriend. Frankie argues that Audrina doesn't see it that way. As the party dies down, Audrina calls Justin but Brody walks in and interrupts the call. Brody starts to explain that they came to Hawaii on a guys' trip, but despite that, he was still excited to see Audrina. He goes on to say that he doesn't want things to be awkward between them, adding, "And if we decide to one night, nobody around, late night...feelings are feelings."The next morning, Lo mentions to Lauren that Audrina slept at Brody's, but she's not exactly sure what happened. They wake Stephanie up and press her for further details, but Stephanie doesn't know anymore than they do.At Primo Bistro, Heidi and Spencer have lunch and talk about Colby. Heidi insists that Colby has a lot of good values, but Spencer tells her that if he acted like Colby for a week, Heidi would be bored and cheating on him by Friday. Heidi explains that she just wants Spencer to behave better and get along with her family, but Spencer sarcastically tells her that he's completely changed and has got a bunch of Colby traits. Heidi says, "Forget it, obviously you haven't learned anything," and then adds that she wants the check.When Brody steps outside, the guys immediately start laughing about how he spent the night with Audrina. Brody admits he cheated on his girlfriend, Jayde, and the guys start asking if he's going to tell her. Frankie says that Audrina will probably tell the girls that something happened, but Brody disagrees. Meanwhile, Lauren, Lo, and Stephanie continue discussing Audrina and Brody when Audrina finally steps into the room. The girls mention Justin and Jayde, asking what they'll both think. When Stephanie says to Audrina that Jayde might come after her, Audrina defensively answers, "Well let her come after me, like start a war, like whatever."

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